Hey creators!

Hey creators! Any tips on more views and engagement on videos?

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They say that posting in the morning is always better to get more views. Andddd, referring to the engagement part, I’m fully into engaging with ppl in order to grow, so count on me w that,


Aww well thank you for your tips! And networking is definitely a great way!

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Half your time should be spent making content, the other half is engaging with the community.


I like that! I’ve been starting to realize that lately with music. You can have a great sing but if nobody hears it is it really great? Thanks for the insight!

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You could try posting parts of your content on instagram, and link to your youtube/site in your bio


That’s actually pretty handy advice. I never knew how to manage my time when releasing content, but you’ve actually simplified things… Damn, I gotta stop overthinking stuff.

Find a community. I linked up with some good people early on and, through constant friendship and shout outs, brought all of our collective followers and subscribers (Twitch) to levels that would have taken very long to do on our own. One of them is currently supporting himself solely on his subscriber income.

As creators, we’re in this together. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else, just different. When we raise each other up, everyone wins.

Kane out.


I also think collaborations will also be one. It can help in both people because creator 1 will be seen by creator 2’s audiences and vice versa

Collabs/ and figuring out your audience

Try knowing when they’d be most on their phones


Make sure to talk to your fans and posting early has always worked for me


Definitely engagement (as everyone is saying). Do as much promotion as you can! I had a bunch of YouTube ad credit (about $200) and I ran ads and the ads got me about 10,000 views, and then YouTube’s algorithm kicked in and now I’m at 85,000 views.

Use that handy slide in banner on the video to link to something (in my case I linked to Spotify, which gave it the kickstart to make it into some playlists. It’s at 60,000 plays there)

Also make all your socials easy to find, have the same username everywhere.


Joining a creator chat on Insta or any other app helps engagement. They will usually engage with your stuff and share it if they like it. Its like a creators supporting other creators thing.


Por las Mañanas siempre es bueno! y obviamente en cada video se tu misma!!!

Españooool! Arre

Posting in the morning always did well for me. I noticed if I post at night instead of morning, people from an entire different time zone would come out to play! And replying to comments (the ones that are nice of course) helps stimulate the audience! Even replying to some of the negative comments (in a witty but still positive way) should work wonders too!

I do that a little now! But a lot of people are content with watching a minute video and being done!