Here’s your forum time capsule

Guys write a message to your 2020 self, @AIexander had the idea we should do this that way a year from now we can check this forum post and see what’s changed and what’s been predicted.

Write down the date and make a prediction, words of encouragement, whatever you wanna say to your future self. :hugs:


Feel free to predict things about other people too lol we all fam :white_heart:


Whaddup, peep! 2019 you here :sunglasses:

So it’s Dec. 9th 2020… you’re finally 24 (and 6 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), so that means the start of something new. It’s always been like that for you every year, and it gets better after every one.

But this year… this is YOUR year of full potential. You’ve gotten back into the lifting groove and surpassed your pr’s. You are a prolific dancer. You are doing the things you want to do as a creator… and you’re being recognized for it.

There might be a girl here or there (but like that matters when you got yourself), but if you were acting right… you got the one. And they are the ones that’ll complement your ambitions and push you to exactly where you wanna be. Of course, you’re grateful and give them the support they need (because that’s who you are).

This will be the year where you stare yourself in the mirror and say: “Oh my god… I’ve done it. I am who I want to be and did what I wanted to do… and I want to continue feeling this way forever”


Alrighty then lets see.

Dear 2020 @itsbri, how’s it going? Are you doing okay? Are you still in a relationship? If not, it’s okay sis, cause Ik you still thriving. So how did it feel when byte was released publicly? Did you still make videos? Do you have supporters now? I’m sorry if i’m asking so many questions, I just wanna know how 18-year old me feels. Did byte make you well known :joy:, I hope you’re happy and enjoying urself. I hope you atleast raised ur gpa and got into the college you wanted to get in. I hope you filmed your short films. Even if you don’t have it all figured out, I know you will eventually.
Love you 18-year old bri,
from 17 year old bri


Dec 9th, 2019 for the me of Dec 9th, 2020
To the future expert.amateur (should you still be called that username):
Hi there. It’s kinda odd talking to myself, but I’m here to give ya some things to remember:

  1. Happiness is not measured in the number of likes you have on “x” post; it’s measured on what you enjoy doing. You’ll never be famous, so you’d better still be doing the most important thing that matters to you, and focusing on whatever followers or friends you have. Which reminds me:
  2. Call your friends more often so that you still have some by the time 2021 me comes around, and play with your dog lots (I hope he’s still there). If not, my condolences. :cry:

Your sister will be graduated and moved out by now. Do you still talk to her? She’s a bit of an introvert I know, but deep down she loves ya. Tell her I said hi.

Try not to dought yourself so much. You’ve got potential, and assuming the identity of a weirdo or a failure will only cause others to view you that way. True ya make mistakes, but so does everyone else.

Do you still live in your hometown? Is the fabled power-plant actually open? What about your figure-skating? Have you finally passed freeskate, potentially bronze? You’ve been working on your solos tons I bet. Remember to stretch, or you’ll feel like you’re about to die :joy:

Stay strong, stay firm, stay musical, and wear orange socks :slight_smile:


Idk if this is an exact replica, but I did make a topic like this a little while back:


I would say (personally) that since your topic is specifically Byte related, while this one is about anything or everything, that this post will be fine. However, I do see your point. Maybe one of the people that has the ability could combine the two topics. :slight_smile:


True!! Up to the mods I suppose


Hey what’s up future Michael, I hope you made our life better. By this time in 2020 you should’ve hopefully gotten big on social media. And hopefully you’re a better person now. I truly hope that our anxiety got better and that we are no longer sad. This is the start of a new decade. I hope you started it off right. Hopefully we have a beautiful and caring girlfriend by now and you treat her well and she treats you well and you both care for each other. I hope that you’re living your best life, I hope that you made use of this year and that you truly made your life better and surrounded yourself with great people who love and support you. And how is dad, I hope everything is alright with him because at the time of me writing, dad is about a week from his procedure. I hope everything went well and that he is healthy. And how is mom, she’s always understood us and loved us unconditionally. How is she feeling. Hopefully her depression is no longer and that she is happier. If there’s any advice I wanna give you future Michael, is DO NOT GIVE UP and please do not let any chances pass you by. Do the things you love and that make you happy and keep doing them no matter what people say. Always treat others with respect and be honest, humble, and empathetic. I hope you’re putting your all into what you love doing. Don’t ever stop until you’ve made a success of yourself. And don’t let others change you. Keep making your life better and hopefully you’re a very large influencer that you’ve always dreamed of being. Even if that’s the case. Stay humble and always help others. Always give back to everyone. It’s them who got you where you are today, give back and show them you appreciate every single one of them. And listen, this letter is coming to an end. Don’t forget those who’ve always been there. Keep them close to your heart and never let them go. You have to believe. I believe in you and good luck with everything that you wanna do. Never give up.
Michael Godzic - December 9th 2019
PS did you claim the username we always wanted?


Hey future @Danieru I know you where feeling down in the dumps when you wrote this because well, I’m you lmao. But I know we got through it after all, I mean you are reading this I hope! Anyways as far as goals and tribulations, you and I both know we have no idea what we are doing or what we really want to do with our life. Just turned 24 here and still as confused as when I was 16, but at least we can legally drink now…not that we do it that much anyways lol. So no pressure, as long as we find something we enjoy and have peers we appreciate we’ll be fine. If anything tell me how it goes! Hope you’re happy? That’s always the goal at the end of the day. Or idk man getting a car from David Dobrik would be cool too, figure it out, I know you can!



Before I get into the main part of the essay (joking :grimacing: hopefully…)

What it is? Wassup? Did you keep your youtube up? How are your bytes? Did you create bonds with your fellow byters yet? And on that note, have you met any of them yet? How creative have you gotten? What are your priorities in life? How many classes are you taking in college? Are you a broke boi yet? Have you been true to yourself? How many friends do you have? How’s the family? Did you change your byte username? Are any of your high school friends still your friends? How’s byte world doing?

also…, respond to yourself and create 2021’s reflection when you come back to this.

They seem pretty dang nice, so if you have the chance to, do it! You’ve done your first collab, and decided since there was a problem with the audio to reupload it (either when byte officially drops or when it makes the most sense). Speaking of, I wonder how many collabs you’ve made now!

A note to self on how social media have been influenced by byte:
ig: 172 followers / tw: 4 followers / yt: 368 subscribers / byte: 86 followers (52 stars)

To start off the main course of my time capsule prediction, I just want to say a few things to you. You are an amazing kid, you always dream big and always treat people with kindness. Don’t let others take advantage of that though, you were put on this earth to live your life and achieve your dreams, don’t let anyone get in your way. Don’t be a jerk like the chicken though, always greet people with open arms but watch out for people who try to stop your passions and your motivations. If you go big, only promote products you believe in. Be true to yourself and those who may admire you. You are human. Don’t lose touch of that over some money if it ever comes to you.

Stay in touch with anyone who shares a similar interest, they’ll be the best people to talk to and work with to ensure you’re at your very best when it comes to getting there. I hope you’re still in college and FAFSA is hooking you up with them Dolla Dolla bills, cause we know good and well you need it after the stuff that went down to make you lose your job.

Forgive but don’t forget, cause that was some stuff.

It’s December 9, 2019. Or at least it should be, don’t slack on coming back to me ya dummy (spelled this dummie and then dumbie) so I guess I am a dummy :joy:. At the time of writing this part, I see yamum writing too, so that’s pretty cool.

Put your heart into your work and strive for everything you love and believe in. Speaking of love, are you in a relationship yet ya beautiful bass chord? People think you’re cute, get you a boo thing homeslice. You know you wanna spoil someone like time spoils milk (take this in a good way, not a gross way. Won’t see past you chugging spoiled milk, witcho hopefully not nasty self). I honestly don’t know what else to say, but be yourself, love yourself, and love others. Hopefully, global warming was resolved and everything’s okay!

Aye, Leigh Bryant is in here too!

College freshman boi signing out!
Also, your room is a mess and I hope you moved out of that nasty apartment with the two undisciplined people and their untrained animals because that isn’t a good environment for you or your mom. Maybe if this whole byte thing works out, you’ll be able to buy her a home one day. That’s how you’ll know you really made it in life. Yo, if you have a new car, let me know. Is that a TESLA I SEE?
a LaMb Or GeNiE?!

Also, sorry for being like 7 months and 1 day late, but happy 19th birthday weirdo.

Hopefully, you got a green screen so your pictures can stop looking wack.
also, did you start that gaming channel? and get a better video camera?

last person to join this before you uploaded this was chaos.jpxg

Expand your goals, reach your dreams, and make your life as fun as possible!



Dear Modern/Future me

What’s up $#tlord! This is your Classic/past self speaking. Typing, whatever. If you’re reading this, congrats on not dying, somehow. I think you and I can both agree that this final year of the decade that I am in was absolue garbage, but I have faith that my/your/our life will get better again with the start of the new dacade you’re in. So I here when you read this again, you’ll be 19. The good ol one nine. Not so much a big proclamation as finally becoming legal at 18, but not so much a milestone as hitting two decades at 20 either. It’s 19, that akward middle child year in between the two. Like being 13 all over again. Sure hope that’s not an omen. Anyways, how was the Sonic movie? Was it great? It comes out on Valentine’s Day to so you better have had a girlfriend by the time it comes out so yall can see it together. Hahahaaa :joy::clown_face: I’m clownin, let’s be deadass. You and I both know daaamn well yo virgin ass still finna be alone watching a Sonic movie… on day one. IMAX experience, headass. I still got some more questions tho. Eagles, did they make it and win the Superbowl again? :eyes: Does byte ever eventually work better on your phone? You ever get an actual social life again? Bread… do you make that bank or nah? And most importantly, a mf needs to know. Sonic Adventure remake, real or nah? So help me if them old leaks are fake… Alright, I guess I should end this with some advice… but I don’t have any. I mean logically speaking, you’re older AND wiser than me, being from the future and all, so if anything you should have the advice, not I. But I will say this. Don’t reminice to much about the past, but don’t only focus on the future either. Live in the now. And also take your own advice for once d!@&head. Anyways, with that being said, farewell, peace in, and like Etika always said, have yourself a damn good one.

Sincerely, Chaos.

P.S. You’s a b%tch❤


Dear future Lydia (Leigh) Bryant. I hope you’re doing alright, girl. It’s been a year, its 2020, you’ve turned 18 so you’re a grown lady now!! Yay!!! Hopefully you’ve got your own place and are socializing more now. I hope you are remembering to drink water DAILY (you dehydrated bitch) and eat your veggies. I hope our dogs are doing good! Go give them a hug and a kiss if you’re not currently holding them!

Now to the serious stuff. Are you going to school or did we decide not to? Are you traveling like you wanted? Are you writing something or working on some other projects? are you byte famous??? Did you get the sugar daddy you always dreamed of? Did he buy you a Tesla or smart car? or BOTH???.. okay so maybe that wasn’t ALL important but don’t forget our goals.

When you’re interacting with people remember to put yourself first. Don’t you DARE do shit for anyone but you. Respect yourself. Be a savage if you gotta. I know you’ll forget once you get out there, but remember that the person you see in the mirror every morning is what you have to take care of. But dont let this stop you from loving or trusting people. You can do both.

How long has it been since your last cry? Remember sometimes you gotta let it all out. Sometimes you gotta scream. Don’t lose focus on the little things, remember to find your balance. Remember to stay strong. You’ll be okay, I have a feeling that things may still be tough for you up top but do not give up. We’re gonna get old and think back on this stupid life we lived and it’ll be great. Give yourself a high five for getting so far.

Writing this I realized my own jumbled thought process, jeeeeeez, I’m a mess. But it doesn’t matter cause I love me.

Go listen to your favorite song and sing it girl! You’re doing great and I love you, you sexy bitch. Its December 9th, 2019

With love,
From you.


For next year on this date (December 10th):
Wow whatever you did this year was probably hella dumb, but don’t dwell on past mistakes. That’d be more dumb.



I hope you can… you know, reveal your secrets next year, I believe in you, people will accept you! Be nicer and be happier!

And just go crazy man :wink:


To Jase in 2020

stay skinny and don’t eat too much


How are acting lessons going? Have you mastered Love of My Life or Bohemian Rhapsody yet? What does your bank account look like? How’s Highschool going so far? How are your friendships? Are you happy with your life? What did you get for your birthday? What do you want for Christmas? Are you thinking about starting more auditions for movies? How about science? Is it going well? How’s Schuler? You are at your last year of your old school while reading this! How has 2020 been so far? Are you excited about 2021? Crazy how fast time flies!

Remember your true values and DONT let anyone CHANGE them.
Have fun reading this!
:heart:, Carlyn Sharp on 12/10/19 at 9:46am


Devyn do yourself proud. Id say get more followers on the app and try harder but you already have 10x more now then on :vine:
Never stop saying hi to shilly because you know you loves it :heh: even of others dont see it that way. Drink water hope that guy you’re dating goes well in a year and hope you keep up the drawing thing. Also find :clap: what :clap: you :clap: want :clap: to :clap: take :clap: in :clap: life :clap: cant just ve art need more specific than that. Hope you go back to Nandos again. Self care is a must and keep up that self love. Its the end of the semester so PASS THOSE CLASSES but seriously tho pass them again this time next year. And you better be closer to visiting @Norloth . Get that money saved uwu. Have a fun decade and expand on that football knowledge, you can never have to much…and od spaghetti to. UWU. Devyn 10 December 2019. Seize the decade. :sunglasses::ok_hand::raised_hands:


hi annam, you’re packing your house, and getting ready to move tomorrow. there’s a lot of dust so i beg you, take your tablets and keep your epipen around with you.

sincerely, you will regret it if you don’t, i know i already am.


hey shy, good luck on your exams you should probably be studying right now because i’d like straight a’s please

also remember that day you played Lotería on the google doodle and the last one you needed to win was la escalera and you got it on the next turn and sat there dancing to the celebration music for two minutes saying ESCALERA!!!
well that was yesterday in case you forgot.