Helping small content creators *MUST watch


I have a deep passion for helping creators in any way possible. I created this app-- iOS for now–to help bootstrap their content and gain an initial audience.

Above is the UI of the app. if that compels you to join, comment below and I’ll send you the link to the app and our discord community server.

What do you get by downloading and using?

  1. Obviously, you will gain an early audience from the app. We currently have 90-120 active users.
  2. Our discord community group where you can share video ideas for your videos and help each other out
  3. FREE video editor (*limited time only)
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This seems interesting… But, idk if this’s available for android. If it’s, there I’d probably check that out :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Google play store but definitely in the near future. But you can join our discord community. If you want to, what’s your email.

I’m interested in learning more about your app :blush:

It crashes immediately for me

Yikes, what is your email? The new update that fixes minor bugs will be out tmr.

What is your email?

@mirzams2000 Messaged it :+1:t4:

Check ur email

I downloaded your app and for some reason when I was making my first video the app crashed. Now every time I open it, it crashes and I’ve tried reinstalling it but the same thing keeps on happening again.

what is your email? There is new update that fixes that bug… hopefully or u can email us

will message you my email privately.