Help me. Hope for your support 🙏🏻

can you cry? A few days ago, under my video, there were threats about blocking my account. one person wrote to me that I allegedly stole a video from him, but this is not so. I find various videos in the public domain, sometimes I record my videos, edit them and so on. this man began to swear at me, called friends who started threatening me with blocking my account. the next day they blocked me. I wrote in support, but no one answers. Today they unblocked me, but now my videos are not visible to anyone and are not visible in the “latest” and on other channels, too. what to do? Help! and I want to say people, be kinder. I’m not the only one who publishes similar videos that are taken from other sources, but for some reason the negative is only in my direction. I love you all and wish no harm to anyone. thanks. I hope for your support. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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That’s absolutely awful! My opinion is just block the haters and do what you love!

Thank you so much :pray:t2:
I blocked them, but they already ruined my account.

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How annoying! I’m sure you’ll be able to turn things around with a positive attitude towards the situation!!!

I hope the support will answer me and help.

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I’m sure you are not the only one getting hate. The truth is, most creators don’t like people who post content taken from somewhere else. After all, we are putting a lot of time and effort into making new content, just for someone to grab content they didn’t make and post that?

If this is the kind of account you want to run, you need to be aware of the type of response you are going to get. Credit people, with an actual link to their profile, and you’ll get less hate and threats. But you still might get some.


I understand, but this is not a reason for negativity and account blocking. I also spend a lot of time searching for funny videos and as a rule, all these videos are without watermarks and it’s very difficult to find the creators, besides, I’m not the only one who publishes such content. You can simply ask to delete the video, and not block account. I would not wish anyone block. peace for everyone.

I’m just saying, be ready. It’s nice to ask for people to not be negative and to accept you, but what you are doing is… stealing. It just is.

Yes, sometimes you can’t find the original creator, but that’s because you find the video from someone who stole it without credit too. You are part of the chain of people that take someone else’s content and spreads it. I’m sorry to be blunt, but that’s what it is.

Most creators feel that way. So I’m just telling you to be conscious of the type of account you are running, and the kind of response you can get.

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I understand and is ready for negative comments, but not for blocking, this is terrible. because I also spend time and energy on it. if there are watermarks or a creator, then of course I will mark and leave everything as it is. I don’t pretend to be original content and I don’t tell everyone that these are my videos. Thank you for understanding.

@LittleDewDroplets is right. And she’s explaining it to you as nicely as she possibly can. You’re just deriving a benefit from other people’s effort. The extent of energy you expend is simply consuming other people’s content and then reposting it to grow your own account. Most creators aren’t going to be fans of that method.

if someone doesn’t like it, they may not looking. nobody forces anyone, but this is not a reason to block my account.(((

and I also saw a lot of such accounts in the byte, but for some reason they don’t have such a negative, and some later upload the same videos as mine, but I don’t claim authorship and I don’t tell anyone.

thanks for the opinion. :pray:t2: