Help me create a character!

So… You guys are creative. I wanna make a new character for my show but I’m not sure what to do. If anything, I wanna make him fun. Thats why I’m turning to the most creative people I know!

I already know I want him to be based on Apollo, and I sortof based his personality off of Danny Avidan. (To be honest id be happy if i could have Danny voice him) BUT I’ve been having trouble with looks.

His description is sortof simple. Hes not bad, or good. He’s a neutral. His name is Taylor Summer. Hes a pretty big musician in Topistol, and a lot of that fame has gotten to his head. He’s also learned how to become a trickster, and a good liar. He’s also very charming. He’s more passive then violent, and he can be helpful because he is a wanna be hero.

Hes not a fan of sticklers though, people that ruin fun. Hes jealous easily, he loves money, he can lose his temper sometimes also.

I wanna percieve him as a music star but I’m not sure what, and I don’t also want to try to copy Adventure Time. Any help guys? My creative brain is absolutely fried :frowning:

Thank you lovelies! Heres a wholesome meme for you:


i’ll send you some stuff on the discord soon!

I’m just imagining this character as a tall, lanky man with Dan’s hair, but with Arin’s hair color scheme, as well as sporting some sort of psuedo hobo musician esk look.