Help me change the world

Hello v2 community, I’m David. I alway wanted to be somebody in life and everyone wanted to be.
Youtube changed a lot… when I started like 5 years ago it was lot of better…I started 5 years ago and even I did everything and I worked hard everyday I’ve never got what I deserved, but with v2 we have many more to come… Guys we can chang the world… When Ill become famous Ill help others to make their dreams to come true… I’ll help others… we need to help each other. I love Everyone of you even I don’t know you. Stay positive don’t be like youtubers these days… help others don’t be selfish. Guys help me to achieve my goals and I’ll help to achieve yours. I’m not here to hate and criticise. I’m here to help. We need to change the world. If you want to you can follow me on Instagram: @davidrackoofficial
Twitter: @DavidRacko

We’re not like Logan or Jake… we are not letting them to join the v2 community… this is our moment our generation… The V2 Generation.

You can add this delightful message in this thread to minimize duplicate-esque threads :smiley:

Btw sorry for my English… Im formou Slovakia and English is a little harder for me.

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Yes okay, but that post is not about my social media is about the message

It’s fine! Diversity is accepted here!

I mean no ill intent with this but honestly the internet never really ‘owes’ anyone anything, y’know? Like there are literally millions of people who deserve to have social influence in the world and while I do believe you could be a positive influence…so could they?

It’s like ultimately what happens happens and I love the energy you’re bringing but honestly this post is basically just saying “make me famous because i wont abuse it” but neither would tons and tons of people around.

Just my two cents and I wish you luck on your growth!

I didn’t mean it like make me famous… I want to nake us famous… everyone who deserves it. I’m not selfish if I’ll get famous Ill be famous… if not I’ll be working hard to get famous. Lets collaborate guys… I love you even I don’t know you. I’m really not that selfish to say make me famous, but love your reply.

Thank you! I’ll try to bring positive energy on V2!
Let me and help me to do it.

didnt i already tell you

This was before

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