Help me byte!?

I want to see if my editing doesn’t feel too rushed and if my lighting is good enough. Also, want to see what the community thinks of my Bytes :point_right: :point_left:


Duuude, these are pretty good! I like the thought gone into the pencil Bytes


Your 5th video where you used Tik Tok video is my least favorite. The video with the Tik Tok logo in it is annoying to me personally. Some people love the Tik Tok thing in videos though. Most of those people seem to be on Tik Tok. (The stabbing one).

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Your bytes are great. To improve, I’d recommend speaking louder in your skits.

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My 2 cents beyond giving you a hard time for using Tik-Tok: I think your Bytes are great: Another tip: You are good enough being funny that you do not need profanity. I think you are naturally funny and do not need to be better at production. I think doing MORE 2-4 a day would show you what works and what does not. (Yes, your like numbers may drop short term). I think by doing 2-4 a day will make you get better naturally. You are operating at a high level already because it is natural. Yes, I know there are some “forced” looking comedy stuff that gets a bizzalion likes comparatively that looks well produced. Your advantage is you can clearly do 4 funny Bytes a day. Byte needs people like you to be able to make a bunch because you are a natural. Working on production will take time away from what you do really well.

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