Help learn me

I’ve been on byte for about a week and the algorithm is kinda confusing to me. I’ve been posting consistently with decent content and I feel like not a lot of people see my posts. I only have like 30 followers which isn’t a big deal but I would like to hit a larger audience to try to get more people to laugh.

What do the stars mean once you get more stars?

Is this just a very slow grind or do you find that it helps when you keep following people and rebyting?

Is it important to stick to a niche?

How are you building up your byte account?


Stars are like the overall “level” of your account it’s a good way to see how you’re doing overall

It’s a slow grind I guess it’s not a race it’s a marathon you rebyting other people won’t help you but if others rebyte you it’ll help

I’d say at least try to stay as consistent as possible in your content

Hope this helps!


hey @Beegenics
it’s okay buddy, it takes time keep the grind
be active in forum as well!
collab with other fellow byters and be active and create quality contents

cheers buddy


If you don’t understand how the algorithm works, don’t worry, because they’re working on implementing a new algorithm that’ll give more attention to smaller creators like you and me.
In the meantime, though, one way to gain more viewership is to stay active on here, the byte community forums. After a couple of weeks of posting content, I finally got one of my bytes on the Spotlight page, which is where bytes chosen by the app developers get placed. I probably wouldn’t have made it there if I hadn’t interacted on the forums.
So don’t get discouraged, but stay positive and active in the community. :blush:


Thanks! I’m not really discouraged just more confused bc of the lack of explanation. However this leaves a good open conversation for the community. I only have 1 other friend that uses byte and he is also confused on some stuff.


I wasn’t sure the stars meant you’d get more exposure or what the deal was lol ok the stars are meant for only yourself! That makes sense

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id say this , be wise on who you choose to collab with , if you do , haven’t seen this much but , my collabs really don’t do as well as my main solo content , so just keep that in mind aswell as , it’ll take some time for the fan base to grow as the app does


I got excited early on b/c I got a ton of :heart: loops and follows on my 1st post.

Then I couldn’t post for like a week and lost 90% of my follows. I think you need to post at least daily to get more followers.

As for quality of content?
That’s debatable. I’ve seen some trending posts that I was honestly surprised to see have so many likes.

I’m pretty sure the :robot: problem has been reduced at least.


Yeah man it’s kinda confusing but it’s not like byte comes with an instruction manual lol my content isn’t amazing by any means! I hope I’m not coming off as like “Meeehhh why don’t ppl like meeeee”


Nah, I’m trying to figure it out too.
I still can’t even figure out which category I should post my stuff in, or if I should just not even pick a category :man_shrugging:

Over time you’ll realize followers don’t mean much, it’s the algorithm & category. But keep pumping out OG content you’ll eventually grow, avoid engagement groups for the time being since it’ll have a negative effect on your content.


I don’t think it’s that important to stick to a niche, but I might be wrong. This early on in byte’s lifespan is the best time to experiment with what you want to do! As for hitting a larger audience, probably the best way is to just meet and discover others. There’s a lot of creators on the app at the moment- find people whose content you enjoy and support them, talk to them, and it’ll also get your name out there. The more you engage with other people in a positive way, they will want to engage with you. Keep in mind, byte as an app could grow immensely in the future so what might seem small now could blow up in the future.

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You can post videos in a category??

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You didn’t know that?
When you upload a video, there should be a screen that you access before you can post it where you add a caption. Above the caption should be a button that says “Add to channel.” There a wide assortment of different channel categories to choose from, but please don’t post your bytes in categories they don’t belong in. I know that your videos might fall into more than one category (like mine would technically fall into both comedy and animation), but don’t post your video in a category that it clearly doesn’t belong in.