Help a Drag Queen Out

Hi, my name is Angel Dust and I’m a Drag queen hoping to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race in the near future and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to follow me on my Instagram! I post my dance videos and pictures of my performances there and could really use some love!

My handle is @QueenAngelDust


Where can I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race? Hope you make it!

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Woow. You’re a queen already then. Hope you get to get to it.

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Hi my name is Bryan M. I’m 23 year and I’m planning on becoming a drag queen but kinda not sure what to do. I’ve always wanted to, even made a name for myself when i was younger, Paris Love, but growing in today’s society is kinda hard to pursue my dream. Does anyone have advice for me? I would appreciate it, thanks.

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DM me on Insta. I’ll help. @QueenAngelDust


You look sickening!!! Work it girl!! May the best woman win!

Ok i added you on instagram, my username is parisluv198524. Hope you can respond, thx.

Hi Angel it’s Bryan, I am very glad that you were able to respond back. I’m looking forward to getting some help in pursuing my dreams.

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Hey everyone it’s Bryan M., first time drag queen. I’ve seem to be halted in the process of moving forward with my drag, any tips on makeup, styles, tucking, etc. Thank you, would gladly appreciate it.

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Did you DM me? I didn’t get anything from you

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You got thisssssssss :heart::metal:t5: