Hello world! (? idk i had to make it 10 char.)

okay ive been off the forums for awhile so im back and im SOOOOO HAPPY about byte coming to us sooN!!!

okay so i have a question. do you know what your first loop gonna be about? and if so, please share!


probably me screeching out of excitement :joy::rofl:

and welcome baaack :partying_face:

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Probably something really funny!

Will base my content around comedy really funny, over the top videos also, a lot of public cringe videos

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I will definitely shout.

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Probably by participating in the newest meme that will be around during that time.


u have a point

literally same

im READY for it

tysm!! and yesss!!!

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I’m keeping my ideas to myself until the app drops. Just want to show people my fun side.
What about you @itisjayyy? What’s your first loop gonna be about?


literally i dont know. probably something about byte and dom bc he’s great

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