Hello, we're the goof house

Guess what, we made our own house on byte.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking “oh no, not another one of those gen z groups” BUT HEAR US OUT.

Do we post dumb dances everyday? NO.
Do we have the personality of a wet napkin? NO.
Are we a group of 15 year olds? Mentally, yes. Physically, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

The goof house is a comedy collective consisting of @Neefy @friedeggroll @ThatGeezerJoey @Jaysander.b @ThiccyNicky @MeganjFerguson @wifi_andre and @yeahnahyeah

As of right now, we will be posting skits daily but in the near future, we will be doing contests, giveaways, hashtag trends and more!

Aside from this, we’re looking for content creators who would be willing to host TGH for a week. No this isn’t a ripoff of LNBB, we’d have one host, host one week out of the entire month. We love LNBB and we don’t plan to make a carbon copy of the beautiful brand they’ve made :slight_smile:

Starting in October, we will have one Byter be host for a week on TGH, the host would simply post an introduction video, a solo video and a collab video with other house members. If you would like to apply, fill our our handy dandy host form below (just as an FYI, this is open to anyone, we don’t care about follower count, we’re focusing more on the content): https://forms.gle/D4r3PmUJ3dj2szY39

Last but not least, if you want to become a Goof house member, submissions are currently closed but we will definitely open up submissions again.

Follow @TheGoofHouse if you want to lose braincells!

Alright, I’m done typing, time to crawl back into my little hole in the ground.

Stay safe, love you all.


TL;DR we made a page to post videos as a group. Please interact with us, we lack friends.

Also apply for host pls




:wink: yessir


Couldn’t have said it better myself :raised_hands:

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Wow this makes us sound so cool :,)

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:smirk: neefy gets goofy


Hold on now pause.

I’ll watch anything @neefy is on😀


:pleading_face: big love


I wish I could have joined. This is an amazing idea I live it!!!


Love to see it! Can’t wait to see what you guys post!!

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Guys I want beegenics

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currently negotiating my kidney to get you in


How can someone join you guys? Cause I’m interested as well

If they don’t want tour kidney I’ll take it! I don’t need it for any reason but I think it would be a cool trophy to put on display. “Neefy’s kidney” in gold lettering.


Neefy’s Kidney… or Kid-neef :smirk: merch drop soon

not really


Fabulous Good luck to all

hello @ThiccyNicky, funny fact i have known @yeahnahyeah for a bit of a while, and then i have stumbled upon this post which I would love to join this group, I am 18, in uni and trying to find a way to grow in byte, no i dont dance, no i dont a house with a yacht, AND NO I am not gen z, so I hope you could find a way for this, many thanks!!