Hello Everybody! It's time to get acquainted!

Hello I am Twecker and I am a part-time content creator!

My main platform is Twitch, I stream a variety of everything and I have a passion for community building!
I just joined byte yesterday and I am already in love with it! I am able to post any of the hundreds of funny ideas that pop into my head instantly!

I can’t wait to get to know this community and make amazing content together! On my first day alone I have posted over 50 bytes and I love it, I would also really appreciate some feedback if anyone can provide me some! I am also looking to follow other creators so tell me about yourself too!

@Twecker on byte

Feel free to join my Discord and share your content!! :arrow_right: https://discord.gg/gZUCX8b


Also feel free to link your byte using https://www.byte.community!

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Hey, Twecker. You asked for feedback, so here comes the judgement!

You’re entertaining and have a nice feed. Keep it up! :+1:t5:

btw, im @PunkAndAlcohol . little side note :stuck_out_tongue:
The vids I make, I believe, are comedic in nature, but that’s up for debate :joy:

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Hold on, is that THE Twecker??? This is my lucky day

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i’m @bevs :slight_smile: 19, from nyc, just tryna make people laugh lmaoo