Having troubles commenting & scrolling

@dom and staff.
I am having troubles scrolling down a view bytes vids and commenting?

I’ve tried deleting apps on my phone to see if it helps…aaaah, not really. I’ve also tried scrolling through several byte channels, when they have lots of posts, and the video scrolling is stopping. I’ve going to the top of the page and it is stopping still.

I’ve tried commenting and at times, I’m getting the “something when wrong” message.

I want to see all the bytes of someone’s channel! Lol.

:slight_smile: help! Byte app is also force stopping while scrolling

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Yes, me too!! I thought it was just me!

I currently have iOS 13.3.1 and am having issues viewing vids within a category (ex: Pets). Everything works fine when I scroll through my Home page but in other areas, the vids seem to take a long time to play while I scroll through.


Aaah! Im not the only one!


Have you tried messing with the “scrolling behavior” settings? Maybe it could be a bug with the scrolling setting within the app. Hope this helps a little :smiley:

Hum…I looked, and I don’t have that setting?

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Thats odd, when you click the three dots, What other options to you have under “App Settings”? Have you updated to app? Hopefully it’s there. if not maybe delete and re-download? Hope it works :smiley:

only iOS have this scrolling setting! us android users are unable to change our scrolling behaviour :frowning:


I am on an Android phone :grimacing:

yep ik! :blep:

the team will definitely see this (they see everything :eyes:) and it should be sorted.

when did you last update the app?

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That makes me happy to hear :laughing: :tada:It’s my birthday todaaay! :tada: haha. Aaand I have updated byte’s app. version 1.0.5.

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ayyy dang i didn’t even notice the cake on your name (i think i’m still half asleep :joy:) happy birthday!:balloon::tada: enjoy your celebrations :sunglasses:

and okay all good :+1:t2:

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Ha I need to get some sleep haha :smile: Thank you luvs :smile::tada: wooo!


Hum…still having difficulties… I was scrolling through my own byte vids and it stopped :sob: @dom help!