Having so much fun but

Hey guys! I’m almost at 100 followers @LloydTV is my username but I really just wanna know why you guys byte?

I’m just seeing if I’m not the only one who isn’t just doing it fun but also as a way of therapy or an outlet. Doing it for fun is also super good but I wanna know if they’re are other people who use it for the reason I do. :hugs: I hopefully would like to start a movement or have others make bytes where we state “I Byte bc…” I sound weird but I like to hear from others! :hugs:


Dude - it is 1,000% a form of therapy for me! It helps me get out of my head, stretch my creativity, and get out of my comfort zone talking to others. And there are tons more like you!


It’s cool to hear that I’m not the only one! Thank you for being great and open with me!:slight_smile: Do I follow you?

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Honestly? I look at Bytes in the evening in bed, hardly ever during the day. But i’m on the forum all the time. Kinda in it for the community mostly lol


I totally feel you!

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Byte is like an escape for me. It’s a community filled with interesting people that all have different views and feelings.

Being able to make bytes and share them to my friends and random people is an amazing feeling. Especially when I get positive feedback on them, that makes it even better! Also the joy that comes with making them is coming up with the idea and being able to be myself and record these clips and then edit them all together. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing.

I’m so lucky that I’ve already grown a fan base on this app and am able to reach people and make people laugh. It’s an amazing feeling and I can’t wait to become better at it and work harder at it.


I Byte because it’s fun and I want to make lives better every day :sunglasses:


Also that cash money. Obviously.


I have a lot of thoughts in my head that I can’t just share on IG because it just doesnt have the right format and demographic. This is what I use Byte for :slight_smile:


Byte has definitely been therapeutic! I haven’t come across any people I know irl, so it’s been fun having that freedom to post and not fear any ridicule from my peers. The community is also so friendly and supportive and they have really boosted my confidence! Plus it’s really fun making content haha


Yea it is very relaxing especially at this point in time in my life. Right now, I am a first year in college and sometimes it’s just difficult and sad but when I use a creative outlet like byte it make my college life more enjoyable. I also love using my creativity to come up with video ideas or skits, nearly anything. I also like the community that byte provides. It is very supportive of the content that a person makes and sometimes people will comment on how to improve. It’s just an amazing, uplifting community.


You guys are awesome! Thanks for making this community great I feel a lot better! I’m gonna follow all of you!:hugs:


My creative endeavors, on every social media platform that I’m on are for relaxation and letting go of the day. I unwind being, at least IMHO, funny. I make stupid jokes and I don’t care who likes them. I laugh harder when I get the groans.


Personally, I have been making videos since 2010! I’m a film maker, I Byte because I have always have dreams of being a full time content creator with an audience.

I’ve make thousands of videos, this app has the potential to be the right platform that me and many people like me having been starving for!


I feel it challenges my creativity to get a quality message across in a video under 6 secs. Also, I do it as a project that my daughter I create together


I’ll check you outc


I regretted not jumping into Vine when I had the chance. I’m excited to be here for something new!

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I want to reach as many people, and make everyone laugh and feel welcome, cause everyone who watches me is my friend :woman_shrugging:t5:. I’ve lost so many people, so :confused:.
Anyway, cheers, guv :beers:.

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