Having bytes in more than one channel

There should be the option to put your bytes in more than one channel if your byte is suitable for that other channel as opposed to the one you would initially intend to put your byte in anyway.
I’ve not seen anyone bringing this up in the past and it’s really stressing me out that I can’t put my bytes in other channels as well as the channel I want to put my byte in as they could be suitable for other channels as well.

Like for instance e.g if an alt user was posting a byte, obviously they would put that in the /alt channel. BUT… what if that user is also lgbtq+, surely they want to put their byte in the /lgbtq+ channel, this puts the user in a moral dilemma between /alt or /lgbtq+.

Another example, if a user was posting a byte of their pet, they would put it in one of the following pet channels. BUT… what if it featured more than one animal, say this byte featured a cat, dog or bird, again putting the user in another moral dilemma in choosing one of the following pet channels.

This was the BIGGEST issue with byte users with pets in their videos as back then there was a place to post vids of their pets regardless of species, but since the /cats and /dogs channels came to be, there was a huge division among users not to mention leaving out those whose pets that weren’t as such of cats or dogs.

Similar to the hashtag limit, the limit for number of channels to put our bytes in should be about 3. This is the perfect limit so that the byte that are being posted stays relevant to the channel rules and the content being presented.

This is such an underrated issue that should be addressed to the team ASAP, as much I like people making specific content, I think there are videos on here that can be in more than one place that would also help other users to appeal to multiple fanbases both in and out of the app.


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