Have you guys heard about what mark zuckerberg did (v*ne)

Screenshot_20181205-123834 HE’S A PETTY CEO. Click the LINK

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what does this article mean tho



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Wtf is this SOMEONE decipher this pls

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it’s rather straightforward, but i’ll explain what i can infer from the headline:

“Connect with Facebook” is a feature that allows you to both sign-in to apps, and find your Facebook friends that are also connected to the app.

Mark Zuckerburg seems to have personally told his staff that Vine shouldn’t have access to this feature.

Instagram and Vine were rivals at a point, and so not being able to find Facebook friends was a deliberate choice by Mark.


If it’s that, I don’t think it’s a big deal, I mean we still have our gmail

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interesting. I wonder what kind of sign up option byte will have like if you connect with facebook, instagram, twitter (prob not twitter lol) or just with email or even your phone number. :thinking:

most likely email and phone

honestly good old fashioned email sign up is the best way

FckiN MARK ZUCK back at it again with the douchebaggery but the hell with it.

Don’t need em anyway