Have you ever heard of the sport pickleball?

Pickleball is a pretty big sport from where I live at. Have you guys heard of it? Also what are some weird sports that you play in your area?


If you’re going to come with a unknown sport at least explain it :cry: now I need to Google it. :cry:

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Ohh thanks!! :love_you_gesture:

No problem!

Haha :joy: sorry

No i never heard it before, Its funny?

Wow, its sounds very cool

It started as like an old folks sport, but now it is in with the youth. A bunch of pro tennis players play it

Omg yes. We had to play it in gym class last year.

Did you like it?

Played it in highschool.

Never heard on it it sounds really fun though

Pickleball is actually really fun. It is extremely similar to tennis but easier to start on in my opinion. Requires less movement/running than tennis. If you play with good people it is still really challenging and fun though

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Ya I play at least twice a week

Pickleball is actually a fun sport and I have been playing it from a few months now. I made so many new friends at 11th Ave Park and we all enjoy this sport very much but we have not reached the advanced level skill set yet but maybe in future :smile:

@evanpat Yeah I actually play it every once in a while! I’m fairly decent at it, but I’m a much better racquetball player (Another sport with a similar swing mechanic). I played racquetball for 3 years on my college team and won a few medals at nationals. Any chance anyone here plays racquetball?

We would play this in school and I loved it :ok_hand: it’s v fun

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I guess if you’re not from the usa then american football is kind of a werid sport in a way. For one thing feet is hardly used in that sport but the name stuck with it