Have any of you gotten the beta yet

I was just wondering if anyone’s gotten the beta yet and how they feel about it (:

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The beta has not been released yet. Dom will update when invites have been given out, and us Experts will be sure to give feedback to the forums on how the app works. :smile:


Okkk thanks! :heart:

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Do you guys think that it may be years before v2 is Release to the public


I doubt it will take longer than a full year from now, but you never know haha


cant wait for it to come out would love to be part of the beta

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Again , I hope it’ll be out within 6 months or a year MAXX

Soo that’s like 3-4 months of beta? Then the full release (I’ve no idea)


Ok thanks

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Lol I just repeated myself :roll_eyes:

Nah it’s going to be sooner I hope

is there any chances to get the beta even though i missed the “invitation” ?

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Yes, some other user could invite you :raised_hands:t2:


Hi if you’re in the beta, you should be the user that invites me because I have no friends on here😅 hahaha

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I don’t think you can

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Wait… How?

It’s not yet released

Not out yet