Have an idea/suggestion for Byte 2.0 lol

I actually had this idea from the old Byte , like what if they can implement some of those editing tools from the old Byte into the new one ? so people can choose edit right there in the app adding text, gifs, effects whatnot. although people might disagree with the idea and start saying we’re tryna be like tiktok but hey Old Byte was unique and it’d be real dope if they implement that into the app. kthnx for coming to my ted talk lol


i’m down for that.


Hey I’ve Already Discussing This in my Topic Please Check at This Link:

Byte UX Designs & Ideas for Future Login Options

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Waiting for Expert to Lock This Topic as I Already Discussing This in my Topic.

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Hey, experts can’t lock topics but we’ll report to see any similarities to prevent duplicates :+1:

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That’ll work.

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This isn’t the same thing at all?


oh yeah I see. Thanks for inform.

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