Hate/mean comments

One more thing , i just wanna give a lil advice to inspiring content creators , i see Hate / mean comments get talked about a lot on here but if you gonna be successful creator, you gotta be ready for that and go ahead and learn how to handle it or just ignore it because it’s going to happen , especially the more popular you become if you do become popular , interest trolls just exist and you can’t change them


Imagine if people said that about sexism or racism or anything.

Yes, shitty things exist, that doesn’t mean that we have to accept them without at least trying to make them better. Internet toxic attitudes don’t need to be the norm, they could just be the rare cases, so whenever I have the energy I’d rather try to help that


Idk why you would compare being a video creator to racism …:joy: you CANNOT know that hate and criticism come with being a successful creator and decide to be one anyways , i mean it’s not like i can CHOOSE to be black or not so what kind of comparison was that???


The comparison is between saying “that’s how things are, grow a tough skin”. One doesn’t need to be a creator to have that attitude. And it’s the same attitudes some people give when we try to make other aspects of the world and society better, therefore, the example

We: “Hey, X thing is shitty and it should change. The people should be better”
The Attitude ™: “Well, that’s just how things are, you can’t change people. Deal with it”

See the comparison better?

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I feel like there’s a difference between just nasty hate comments and unacceptable prejudice though. Like, some of the “hate” that people were complaining about was the use of homophobic slurs, etc, and when it comes to that, I don’t think people should accept that, anymore than I should accept sexist hate or you should accept racist hate.
There’s a way to discuss a thing and acknowledge that it will, on some level, likely continue to happen, without ignoring it.

Like, somebody telling me I’m lame, unfunny and ugly- okay, whatever, let’s move on.
Somebody says I’m unfunny because I’m a woman, and that I don’t deserve to create because of it- that should at least be not acceptable, even if it’s not publicly countered by me.

Like, I feel like there should exist a middle ground between “everything hurts my feelings” and “suck it up and ignore it all”.


I know we are not comparing ppl ( esp when kids are going to be immature kids )leaving comments like " you suck" " quit making videos " to real life Issues we both cannot control and are a lot more serious …If Beyonce herself can get hate comments , why would we be above it :sob: just don’t try to be successful creditor than

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That’s what I’m saying originally , just comments like you suck , your trash and all that but personally I’d ignore most Hate comments In general cuz i know those ppl just attention seekers on the internet , id just not inspire to be successful if i couldnt handle the heat

I mean, my goal in life is not necessarily for me, as like, a person to be known. I do want to eventually create something that outlives me by a long shot, but my content is very rarely about me- outside of it being a platform for my voice.

I think it’s fair for people to want to be treated with a base level of respect.

I think it’s fair that ppl want to be respected , i want to be respected but i also know realistically it ain’t always gonna happen …think about it , if someone calls me something bad irl, i can just hit them if they go too far, but When it comes to haters on the internet leaving mean comments under my content , what can i do besides ignore them or block them , blocking is a feature on all these platforms yet ppl still complain about this, if people aren’t going to block then how do you get millions of ppl everywhere to stop leaving mean comments on posts they don’t like ? Be realistic when you answer

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Again, I’m not comparing the people who leave hate comments themselves.

I’m comparing this attitude of “people will do it anyways so grow a thick skin instead of trying to make it better”.

I do complain about the culture of hate comments, just as I complain about more serious things, because if something is not good it and needs to be changed it’s worth speaking against. At least way more than saying “that’s just how the world is”

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Answer my question in my last post

tbh my issue is less with the hate comments themselves and more with the people straight up encouraging them. i think it’s died down a bit in the last couple days but i’ve seen a concerning amount of people calling for x group to be bullied off the app. that kind of behavior shouldn’t be taken lightly.

See, I work in a job which means that, no matter what terrible thing somebody says to me, I cannot physically retaliate. There are other forms of retaliation, and people are more prone to saying cruel things online.
Reporting is a viable option, especially if they go too far, which also stops them from harassing others.


Hey Carneezyy cool to see you back.

I think what Carneezyy is trying to say is that the internet truly is an awful place, and you should steel yourself against it. As we all know, it takes time for the world to change, and “hate/mean comments” are no different. Kids take years to grow up, people who play league of legends take even longer.

So as we all experience these changes now, it’s probably the best time to start growing in terms of thinking about how you want to handle it. You can ignore it or shrug it off, or you could use your platform as a basis to try reverse uno them and counter with positivity or education. But the bottom line is that it may hurt.

I think rather than the “just ignore it kids will be kids” mentality, it’s more like “this shit is gonna happen so be prepared for it one way or another”.

Can’t relate 'cause I’m not popular enough though.




i play league of legends.


what about fortnite ? :relieved::small_red_triangle_down:

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Yeah i just find it crazy cuz i be on byte and the hate comments on here is small child play compared to YouTube ,twitter and Instagram :joy::joy::joy:i really don’t get ppl think that

Yessir! Well said.

as the saying goes, “haters going hate.” Just a part of life

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