Hate comments on people dancing and general hate

So with new users people have been bringing dancing to byte and now there is loads of hate comments saying leave this app and cursing people out for dancing I’m Sure if byte did not want to dancing on the app they not would have made a dance channel so everyone please stop hating on people that are doing dancing they like doing it it’s their choice I wish there was a turn off comment button it’s necessary now


People need to stop hating on anyone for anything that isn’t breaking TOS fr


Yes I totally agree♥️


I think people don’t want byte to turn into tiktok with these “tiktok dances”, so they’re discouraging it


Yes, But I don’t know how they cannot see most people tag the channel but people are acting like it’s illegal to dance on here


Well, a lot of us byters didn’t want byte to turn into tiktok but the new crew did just that. So I think they should already know that it’s gonna happen like it happened with them


okay on the first day i made fun of millennials but now it’s getting old :neutral_face:


Fair enough but there’s no need for everyone to hate

yeah, I know. I’ve been talking against the hate since day one, but there’s a few million people who have been spending years in a toxic and violent environment. I think the only way this will stop is, if in time, byte starts penalizing people who spread hate. It’s a fine line to draw though…


Who knew that Gen Z would usher in the teachings of Sir Nose D Voidoffunk.

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Yeah can we just coexist …

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We only hate dances if they are tiktok like dances (ones that have you wear a crop top and belly dance.)

What if I ironically wear a crop top and dance to Sir Mix Alot? Nobody wants to see that therefore comedy gold.


Godzilla had a stroke reading this and fucking became a tiktoker.

regardless of being a new wave byter (altbyte), or an original community member; if you’re not dancing in your #latenightbyte’s you must re-evaluate your evening :heh:


The evening shit needs to stop.

what if you wear a crop top and normally dance

wdym :sob:? you cant tell me this pop latenightbyte isnt smooth.


That’s still sexual of sorts.

When the app first released, everyone told them to leave and then they did. Everyone did. :pensive: So I’m all for welcoming them to the app. If you don’t want to see dancing, I’m sure the channels and Your Mix will eventually filter them out of your feed. At the end of the day, don’t we want this to be an app for everyone?