Hastags trendings

Will there be a hashtag trendings? That way we can see what’s trending…


That would be a cool idea. Could also give artists insight on what is popular at the moment.


I think that could be an interesting topic…definitely should be considered

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Hashtag is one of the most popular thing nowadays and For sure we will get hashtags at V2 App.


It would be good to have “follow #hashtag” function


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Just trying to decrease spam and get help faster!

the only thing I would not like to see with hashtags:
I don’t like how on Instagram, when you look through another users “following” that you can also see what hashtags they are following. For some reason I think that’s maybe a little too personal… idk.

so with v2 I like the idea of following hashtags, just not letting people see what hashtags are followed by the user. this could be some sort of on/off button in profile settings.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea but people will use trending hashtags for off topic posts trying to gain more followers/views/likes/etc