# Hashtags in captions

Hello Byters,

I have been posting videos on my Byte account @alfardan and using relatable hashtags in the caption. However, I noticed in the search bar you cannot search for hashtags but rather only users, but if you press on a hashtag in a caption, you are taken to that hashtag page where you can see posts of that hashtag, but it doesn’t show numbers of how big or small that hashtag (like how many posts in that hashtag)

What do you guys think? Do you think this should be improved so hashtags can be searched and also know how big or small a hashtag is?

Thank you all my byters,


Hey @alfardan

we can search HashTags i think it’s on Beta maybe it’s available soon for everyone!


I think they are still working out a few kinks with us beta testers first before releasing it. But I do think once they do they will ship it out to everyone!

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Thank you @Pradeep & @Jacobshadowminer
Much appreciated!