Hashtags in captions

On the recent discussion of hashtags, I feel like bytes should have a limited number of tags. IG has a huge problem of way too many tags and even if bytes have a character limit for their captions I feel like it will still be a problem.

An idea I had was to have a separate section of the caption solely for hashtags and have there be a limit of like 3 or 5.


One thing i mentioned in my collection of ideas was to have hashtags be collapse-able into a box labelled “tags” and you can click on it to see all of them
I also like the idea of limiting it so ppl dont just fill it with #meme #haha #sofunny and random stuff :joy: but then sometimes the limit might cause some problems


Ooooo I like this idea because it forces people to put more thought into their hashtags due to the limited amount they can put, just like how people will have to put more thought into their videos due to the limiting 6.5 seconds.

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Hashtags can be useful to reach more people and to gain more audience but sometimes they’re are just like “wtf man” why would you place the hashtag #instacute in a picture of your food.

Hashtags can be a little over whelming at times low-key but also they are very great for finding new content but i think the limit is a pretty good idea.

Yeeessss a limit is a great idea, although I would go higher than 5. Maybe like 10 AT THE MOST.