Hashtags are broken

Just reporting a new bug that’s been going on. Once hashtags hit a certain number of posts (around 10) they condense themselves and remove extra posts by one person. So if a person has 3 posts in a hashtag it only shows one.

With the #byteconcertseries, it originally showed all 5 of my posts. Then this was condensed to 1, but all but 1 of my posts had a timer, and not my permanent post does not display in there since the one with the timer originally was the one picked.

Please allow all the posts to go into a hashtag. Idk if this was being abused at one point, but it has been affecting Posts like LNBB and now this where people should post multiple times

edit: Since the featured hashtag hasnt been updated, i can now see that some peoples multi-posts are being restored and others arent. I assume this changes back and forth based on SOMETHING


Thank you :relaxed:

I still don’t have the timer feature :pensive: