Has @v2app applied for verification on twitter?

@v2app has enough followers and attention to qualify for being verified on twitter. I suggest @dom fill this out if he hasn’t already:


Interesting, great idea to stray away from the fakes


I like the idea but what if they chage the name? I think they should pick the name first.


Yeah there’s just a whole bunch popping up. If this one was verified it would be easier to figure things out, especially for people not on the forums.

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do you mean the handle. The only thing @dom would probably change is @v2app to @v2. When your account gets big enough, you are eligible to request taken usernames and in that case, twitter re-verifies you after the username change

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Ohh ok. 8char

Probably a good idea to stay away from fakes, however if Dom later decides to rename the account, the verification would be lost… but definitely something to consider!

I feel like dom is pretty set on the name V2 from what it seems. He has the twitter account for it now and he has the email dom @ v2 co. It looks like it is more than just the project name like we thought initially, might not be a name change

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I like the name. And hope he doesn’t change it.

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This is all I can find so far. Stay cautious of fakes https://mobile.twitter.com/dhof/status/954503050173014016?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^ios|twgr^other


This one is pretty reputable!

Good idea

I don’t think he wants to at this point, and he doesn’t need to apply for verification, because he has connections with Twitter. They’d just do it for him.

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Great, its very important the verification on twitter in a business account

ding ding

It’s at the early stages of branding. While it won’t necessarily hurt much verifying now, it’ll be best to wait until marketing plans are finalized.

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You can’t apply for Twitter verification. They decide who gets it and who doesn’t.

I don’t think it does. But soon it will. For Sure.