Has there ever been a food viner?

Just curious cuz most of the famous vines I’ve seen have all been comical stuffs

Never seen one😂. That would be an interesting niche

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Im really excited for the new fields in v2. There was so much that I didnt see on v*n3, but I think a lot of creators will be taking risks instead of sticking with the typical videos that made a joke involving a girls butt or cheating.

I’m just waiting for new memes that will come with V2 lol :joy:


It is going to be fun.

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How could it be in 6.5 seconds?

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There were some. That was one of the categories on the vxne explore page.

With creativity my friend

Damn really?

Yes, I know, but what food review can they do in 6.5 seconds? I would like to watch one

I remember seeing cooking vines with recipes. Is that what you’re looking for?