Has the dam broken?

Holy comments and likes and followers Batman! Also, my very first… unpleasant… comments.

If I thought I couldn’t keep up before there is no possibility now. I usually do a celebration post at every 100 new followers but I blew past 700 so quickly last night that it just seems silly. Also, the depression black hole still has me a bit.

But yeah, this is kind of crazy.


might implode on itself in a few days… people giving up. The trolls getting bord…


Did you see the /funny category?


Yeah, the tiktok refugees don’t have a lot of love to give right now.

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Interesting. My post has only been up for a little while now, but I’m seeing no interaction. I also haven’t posted in over a month, so maybe that explains it. Ahh well. I think I’m going to get buried with the influx but I expected that would be the case anyway :man_shrugging:

I just did! Holy crap that’s intense!

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We just need India tok to do battle with alt tok


This is my alerts right now. This might not be a lot for some but it’s crazy for me.


Nice! Congratulations, my friend. I hope it keeps up. I’ve always found your content to be soothing and much needed :ok_hand: :facepunch:

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you are so sweet. Thank you so much!

I have had a really difficult time creating or even getting out of bed lately. But clearly I need to push myself to create something.

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You absolutely do! Keep at it as long as you’re enjoying doing so. You are more than welcome!! :grinning:

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