Has Dom Hoffman gone mad? (controversial)

OK. So 97% of the forum has gone away as a result of the setbacks and lack of communication. This app was going to change my life, it was literally my dream to do this. Now Dom seems to just have stopped communicating with us and tbh he’s thrown away a really great thing. We are all disappointed by this and its absolute madness what has happened to these forums. To make things worse Dom has been posting all this weird sh** on his twitter, its crazy.

What do you guys think of the death of v2. I loved this place, but with all due respect the creator has lost the plot.

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I think he’s gotten a bit to stressed from all of the pressure and people always telling him “Where’s V2?” “Whens the release date??” along the lines of that, i think he just needs a break, so lets give him the break, and hopefully he’ll come back better then ever


He’s had a pretty long break :joy:


He certainly has, much like a lot of us. The point is: Don’t worry, and don’t judge :blush:


he has said that he’s working on other projects so there is a big chance that he’s just busy and focused on something else for now. :woman_shrugging:t2:


He hasn’t necessarily taken a break but he probably has an actually job and is creating the app on the side. It hard for people to grip but V2 is a side project for at least the moment and he probably wont update us until it’s 90% ready and he’s close to a release date. Also I’m pretty sure the app is delayed for his job, break from stress, and the donating app.

@devynb @amelia @azadei I get what your all saying but his tweets are crazy, to me he’s lost the plot and has been ignoring the forums, all he’s done is promised us things but hasn’t come through. He’s basically killed the forums in my opinion.

Dom already told someone who wanted to leave the forum and didn’t believe it was happening bye :wave: so if you feel that way then leave but you’ll hop back on when the app is released. It not required to use the forum or app and he’s not crazy bro.