Has anyone tried to get their friends to get off of TikTok and go to byte?

Honestly, unless you are willing to pay?

Don’t even bother with Instagram.

I had a decent following over there, and between all the changes to the algorithm, shadow banning, and the fact I don’t pay for ads; it’s pointless now.

I’ve dm’d friends, and they don’t even see the posts I make. Random followers would go back for 2-3 days and not see anything by me. Forget new :eyes: on your posts. I used to average about 70 likes (with only 150 followers).

Now I’m at 300+ and I’m lucky to get 5-6 likes.

Same content I post here gets 20-30 :heart: before the influx.

Sorry, i don’t have friends on Tiktok…or at all for that matter.


I’m currently using my old intern at US account to download Byte

so I didn’t tell anyone because the app isn’t available at where I lived yet :crying_cat_face:

same :heart:

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Welcome to the byte community forums. Sorry for not replying for a week. I had other things that I needed to do. Have fun reading our posts!