Has anyone seen Camp Unplug?

I was watching vne compilations on YouTube and came upon the Camp Unplug video. If u haven’t seen it before it’s basically just a big short film featuring vners going on a camping trip. I remember watching this when it first came out and thinking it was too long to be on vne and didn’t really like it, but now that vne is gone, I rewatched it and it was so great to see v*ners doing something special like that.

What were your opinions on the video? Did u think it was pretty cool or did you think v*ne was overstepping it’s boundaries and being too much like YouTube? Do you think this is something V2 should do (like as an annual V2 version of YouTube rewind). The link to the video is below if u haven’t seen it.

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I thought it was unique and fun. In my opinion, they should definitely do something similar again with the new creators that arise.

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Yea watching it a second time I realised that V2 could really make something cool out of it

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yeah. It’s alright I guess.

I haven’t seen it