Has anyone felt like this for some reason

Lately with this corona outbreak, I don’t know why I’ve been less productive. You would think it would be the other way around but it’s not. Even when I am active, i would drop videos around 12am eastern time which is very late (due to work schedule Increasing, can’t wait till I never have to work again lol) My content is more time consuming which doesn’t help either lol. Anyone been less productive during this time or is it just me? Idk why?:joy:


Yes, I can agree with this :rofl::point_left:t4:

Haven’t been motivated, however, I’ll admit that limited edition has been kept me going :zap:

Some of my hype squad is gone, I’m looking for a replacement :pleading_face::point_right:t4::point_left:t4:


don’t give up, many people that don’t post often give up easily.

…when they stop being consistent.


I’ll be your cheerleader :mega:


@stonks @rommie @Pac I think you guys have it all wrong lol. I’m not giving up. Not even close to that. I’m just talking about creators fatigue​:joy: This might sound a little cocky, but I’m too good at this Byte stuff to just give up (even though my numbers may be bad and I’m not that known on this app…YET!) I’ve been making content for 4 to 5 years and have only achieved minimum success … 2 YEARS ago! :skull: I’m back at the bottom and that’s due to either being late to apps or not even giving new ones a chance. I was late on early Instagram, early Youtube, Vine, and didn’t even give TikTok a chance till it was too late. Sad part is I have verified friends whose life are now changing due to TikTok. I have 101% faith in @dom and this app. I want this app to be great, I know it will. I want to be there when it is. I’ve become better Editing, creating content, and working on my craft off using this app, not with Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, etc. I did it with BYTE. Problem for me rn is I’m deemed a “essential worker” through this crisis which limits my time for production. If I was making money doing this thing that I actually love to do and I’m good at, this job wouldn’t even be a distraction. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be great regardless whether I am successful with this content career I’m trying to pursue or not, but I’d rather be successful with this. I love making videos, I’ve been doing it for free for 4 to 5 years now. My goal is to finally reach the next level and I think I’ll do just that with this platform that I trust in. I wasn’t talking about giving up though, just trying to talk about creators fatigue lol, my bad​:joy::skull:


Tbh man I didn’t even think that!! I was actually replying to @Pac saying I’d be his cheerleader in reference to the byte I made today! :joy: sorry for the confusion! But I liked your post because I feel the same type of fatigue that you are talking bout. I had a little mental health break day because you know we all go through things and I was going through it! Lmao. But in all seriousness, I feel you. And I’m glad you ain’t trynna dip. You byte Fam, we always gonn rock w you! And your time is coming. Your story is similar to mine, persistence and consistency are key! You got this :crown::innocent:


Dude, :rofl: I didn’t say you’re “giving up” nor did I elude to it. I was agreeing with your statement about being less productive during the time; hence the corona outbreak - quarantine. Furthermore, I said what has kept me going as motivation after losing motivation as a confession.

As I concluded, I referred that I am looking for a cheerleader or hypeman/woman. (@rommie volunteered)

@Stonks is the one who said not to give up :rofl:

But again what a lovely piece you wrote at least you’re not going anywhere anytime soon :zap:


damn @Pac you outed me like that! but i still love you

to @brianikenna point about being less productive is that sometimes when creators aren’t consistent loses motivations when they have plenty of time. I was giving you a pro tip just in case if you were on the edge and i wasn’t aware of your back story bro



It’s a time warp. I’m less productive at my day job. Time is broken because everything else is broken. It’ll heal but everything is just weird now.

I’m one of those essential types, that while I’m WFH, it also means I’ve been working 80+ hr weeks lately :sleeping:

That’s why I’m posting either really late or really early, or not at all. :rofl:

Get that grind time prime time :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Just remember no pressure to post daily… every second day might help productivity, with quality at least and probly more views


I don’t think this is everyone else’s experience but i do know what you mean. But for me i’ve felt the strain, and recently more so than i ever have. But i think thats due to me being newer to content creation. Actually generating content is a totally different from just streaming on twitch. Because it’s either a hit or miss. And i think you are absolutely correct. that an aspect of content creation that doesn’t get talked about as often as it should is creative fatigue.
There are days when i can barely have the energy to work on a byte. But i keep pushing out content because i tell myself that this is necessary to get to where i wanna be eventually. I liken it to this scene. The death crawl. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly go further than you are, you do. And its such a joy. Proving yourself wrong when you don’t think you have it in you to keep going. That being said, if your schedule allows it. Then take some down time. Because its absolutely vital that you be at the top of your game, because as you well know. When you aren’t feeling your best. Or in the right head space, then the content will suffer.

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