Has any one watched mcmillions

i might’ve been too young to remember it. but i feel like they had this monopoly games at mcdonald’s going on when i was like really little so : p. i used to love this mcdonald’s monopoly game

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I watched the miniseries when it premiered on HBO, and it’s a wild ride. I am definitely old enough to remember when these games were around - my grandmother, especially, was a big proponent in going to McDonald’s whenever she was watching my brother and me. She had the map and everything!


I was today years old when i learned there was a series. :exploding_head: to be fair this is coming from someone who doesnt eat McDonald’s

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I was surprised just how much story they squeezed out of five episodes. I was thinking that it’d do that Netflix thing and have a lot of filler but it was genuinely twist after twist after twist.

And I spent a lot of time afterwards bouncing around in my head who was right and who was wrong in the story.