Has any one played DOS?

I just got DOS and it’s fun it’s the sequel to UNO the card game! Just wondering what others thought about it

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Dude I was at Walmart getting ready to buy UNO, but then I saw DOS ! I automatically bought it. It’s so much fun :,) The only little down side is that there isn’t reverse cards or +2’s or +4’s to screw people up. I think i’m going to buy an UNO set just to take out the reverses and +2’s and +4’s to add to my DOS deck :slight_smile:


What about ono?

Tres confirmed soon

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Dude! I never thought of that that’s genius, I thought that was the only downside aswell the game is super fun

DOS!? Dos?! Wow. People in 1950 believing that in 2019 we would have flying cars… no… we don’t. but we’ve got dos.


:joy::joy: it’s fun tho!