Hardest week of my life

Well guys, after this video I won’t really be active, just doing daily vlogs. The reason why this is the hardest week of my life is because I got a letter from my college saying some bs things like. "You have to stay until July (and that aint true) and yeah, I cant stay till then (Lessons do end on the 24th though which is exciting!), I’ve also found out that my friends have ACTUALLY dropped out, (You’d think it would be me first :joy:)

Also I’m starting to get worried about Byte, is it going to come out soon because the second Beta hasn’t started yet…

Anyways, here’s the video! I’m also going live in 5 mins. Enjoy!


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I’m really sorry about college, this is why I attend sixth form.

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sorry about the college situation broski

Wave 2 soon

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Beta has come out btw :+1:

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The second wave came out?

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no, just the first a little while ago : p it also ceased function a bit ago too