Happy two year commun-iversary!

I know this is late, it’s bc I’m not active but I love you the most, Ashy :pleading_face:
You are an actual angel and my love for you will never cease. Hopefully I can roadtrip and come see you and have a girls weekend some point soon :black_heart:


3 cheers for 3 years y’all :pleading_face:

i almost teared up when i saw dylan’s message because WTF THREE YEARS?? i’m old.

since i made this initial post about celebrating 2 years with the community, SO much has changed. not only within the community, but my personal life as well. i don’t talk to some of the people i used to, but i made some new friends as well. i moved on from toxic relationships, got a new apartment, starting to actually find myself again. though i don’t really use byte much anymore (sigh), i’ll love this community for the rest of my life. here’s to my hoes & the pact. y’all mean everything to me. can’t wait to group hug once we get vaccinated.

also follow niko for free lasagna.