Happy Pokemon Day (Feb, 27th)!

Today is the anniversary of Pokemon Red, and Green for the original Game Boy. What was the first Pokemon game you started playing?


I had cards before I started playing the video games, and I’ve delved into A LOT of Pokemon video games


Happy Pokémon day! #ByteFam

Aaaayyy,happy pokemon day!!! We got the announcement for the next game baby.
Ya’ll already choose your favorite starter?
I personally wait until the final evolution, but being the basic dude I am, that fire starter is lit




Detective Pikachu looks like it’s gonna be a great movie

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I started with cards too. After that completed Yellow (The Special Pikachu Edition), and fell in love with Pokemon Snap.

I want to say my first game was either Ruby or XD Gale of Darkness

Mine was Platinum! I still remember beating Cynthia on that way to school that morning… good times… :slightly_smiling_face:

also new games just got announced : p

I lean toward grass types @Danieru, but now that you mention it i’d like to see the final evolution’s in Sword and Shield.

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I’m feeling Sobble (Water) or Grookey (Grass), wata boi is like Vaporean and becomes transparent with water, but monkey looking real cool