Happy birthday, Byte!

There will be a more substantial update about the future of Byte very soon, but I wanted to take a moment to be the first to say (a little early): happy 1st birthday to Byte!

While reflecting on the ups and downs of the past year, I mostly found myself coming back to the people who use this app. So I just wanted to say thank you — for spending time with us and with each other.


The Byte launch team, minus Jacob, who passed away before our launch. We miss you, Jacob.


By the way, this is a good thread to share thoughts and memories about the past year. :slight_smile: I’m currently remembering fending off a legion of bots for the first few days there.


Happy birthday byte! Definitely helped make a lot of people’s 2020 a lot better! Thank you Dom and all of the byte team for everything you’ve done!


Happy birthday, Byte! I owe a lot to Byte for helping me put myself out there, get out of my shell, and force myself to be more creative like I knew I could. I’ve grown so much just from this year on Byte, and even through all the ups and downs, I’ve enjoyed the ride. Thanks, Byte :green_heart::heart:




Happy birthday Byte! I wanna thank the app for giving me a fresh canvas where I can be me and explore myself creatively - you have given me so much confidence and belief in myself:) also wanna thank you for helping me keep my sanity in 2020, I know my year would have been ghastly without the app. And thank you for bringing me so many genuine and good people in my life :purple_heart:


Happy Birthday, Byte! A year ago I started creating experimental videos for myself again after I hadn’t done so since I finished my media degree about 2 years back. The only plan I had was to create and in the process I discovered a whole colourful and inspirational community that I am proud to be part of.
Thank you, Byte! Looking forward to seeing where this year goes. :green_heart::heart:


Happy birthday byte!!! Thank you for making a place for us during the worst year of our lives - I really hope your update is that your not closing the server - I would be lost without this outlet - thank you again Dom


I really Like Byte and I know for a fact that there is a lot of potential in this app to be better than TikTok in the near future, as we can also talk about Vine. I believe that you could do the same thing again. I still believe in this app even though TikTok, IG Reels, Triller, SnapChat and YouTube shorts are outside.
I believe that this app is going to make something really Big on the Social Media Industry.
As a Byte creator I really like to make content on this specific space, my algorithm is great and I believe that this place believes in me, as I could potentially build up my Social Media career in here. I know that I don’t post content so often but this year I will try mi best to put out a piece of content every day.
For Know I wish the best to Byte in the future.
Thank you Dom for giving us a Space to make Content once more ! :pray:.


was it chocolate cake


Happy (Early) Birthday Byte! I can’t believe that it’s been a year already! There were many ups and downs last year, but overall I was thankful for having a platform where my content was actually appreciated, noticed, and loved. This platform helped me to gain so much more confidence in myself than I could ever imagine and for that I am so thankful and blessed. :heart:

I’m also truly grateful for all of the new friends that I’ve gained along my journey on byte and also the friendships with old friends that I’ve rekindled all because of Byte.

I love Byte to pieces and wouldn’t change the time that I’ve spent on here for the world. Hoping for nothing but the best for this app. I truly do see a lot of potential success for this platform and hope, to one day, see it thrive. :pray:


Big boi @dom you made my day legit. This is what I was hoping for. Everyone started saying this app is gonna die out soon. Well they were wrong. Keep up the great work man. Happy Birthday Byte :partying_face: :sunglasses: :heart:


Happy Birthday Byte hope you keep it going add 60sec videos go live button


The “mutuals” button
Partners Program
The filters


Happy Birthday byte and thanks to the byte team for giving us this platform!
I met a lot of amazing people and I can’t tell you how much I grew because of byte and did things, my introverted self would’ve have NEVER done before :joy:. To hopefully many more years and I hope more amazing things are to come :partying_face: :clinking_glasses:!


hbd byte :)) ily


Awwwwwwwww. Thanks Dom for this. I think i speak for all of us when I say we are REALLY glad to hear from you again. Happy birthday byte :slight_smile: thanks for creating a great community and lets hope we can do more in the future! :grin:


Happy birthday Byte! Thank you Dom and team for letting me find some of the most amazing people this world has to offer, friends that I will hopefully have for a lifetime, people I consider actual family. And thank you for an app that has raised my confidence over the past year and helped me realize my true value. Not sure what I would be doing right now without this app but I know I wouldn’t be nearly as happy or have nearly as many true amazing friends so thank you again :purple_heart:


Chocolate cake is good… but have you tried pineapple? Sh!tz AMAZING… like not pineapple upside down cake, but like pineapple cake… put some vanilla frosting on it… mmhhhh


Happy birthday Byte! thanks for creating a safe place for an awesome community. Byte has lifted so many people up and gave them some confidences they didn’t know they had. Byte made us believe in ourselves and in return we spread that belief to others. We strive for a perfect community but like in most cases there’s always a little bad. You did an amazing job bringing byte to us all. Thank you. Much love for Jacob may he Rest In Peace :heart: