Hang in there

I’m beginning to worry people are getting fatigued posting less and less motivated, not to mention complaining about the current state of content and many regulars leaving the app. Top performing vids used to get 500likes now lucky to get 200.

I’m sure the devs have a road map for next stages and the recent updates have been reassuring seeing plans manifesting and I look forward to what’s next.

All I want to say is let’s not get fatigued and disheartened and keep making fun vids. If anything from my experience tells me, we are in the grind, but eventually the hard work pays off. We can’t do this as individuals. We all need to stay positive keep uploading, and enjoy the ride. #rideordieforbyte


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Fortunately, my doubts have gone away since… idk… I haven’t been de-motivated for a while, probably because I’m stuck in this house and I’m not filming as much, but I’d love to film more!


#rideordieforbyte :white_heart:


Tbh I stopped being active on the forum bc I felt so small on it (which is just me and my self image). I Have been going through a lot but I wanna continue to post but I think mental health has a lot to do with creative output.


Agreed! I think anyone who sticks with it now will be thankful they did. If you jump ship, you know what will happen. You will drown because another boat is not coming. If you stay on board, you might just find what you set out for! Also, I’d encourage everyone to batch record if possible. I recorded and edited for a large portion of the day yesterday and now have nine videos in the fold. Much less stressful and straining on you if you do it that way IMO.


i’m going back to vine

(amazing message btw💜)


Yes, I’ve been noticing this too.
Honestly, it is what it is right now and we can only hope for the best.
We don’t know what’s happening behind doors but I believe, the team has amazing things planned, we won’t see coming.
I know some aren’t as motivated as they were at the beginning but hang in there guys.


Very true, the best thing we can all do is hang on and stay strong! Everything will work out


I’ve definitely been feeling creatively fatigued myself and have been noticing a lot less energy on the platform. But every time I come to the forums I find posts like this encouraging us all and I remember why I’ve stayed and why I want to keep creating alongside you all. Thanks for this!


Yeah I noticed the same thing and I agree we need to stick together through this. Keep in mind TikTok is only addicting to people cause billions of vids are posted a day so surely there’s some you’ll love. So if we band together and just keep making, making and making eventually we can start reeling in a few new users then hundreds then thousands then millions growth is exponential after all!


I’ve noticed the fatigue too on the platform, and it is what it is… but I do believe Byte will make a comeback later this year especially when the Partners Program starts to take off, and creators getting paid, which give new users an incentive to join, I am not saying Byte should be about money, but if there is a financial reward for creating and doing something fun when the unemployment rate is skyrocketing and people are seeking alternatives to Youtube, Byte will sure appeal to mass audience…


don’t worry about the engagement, as you said keep grinding your hard work will eventually pay off. it’s okay to take a few breaks and slow down on the consistent uploads :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m not sure it’s that people are fatigued, I think it has more to do with other things that have caused such a big drop-off in activity on the app based on my private conversations with some creators. I’m hoping someone on the Byte team has been reaching out to creators to have these same conversations.

What we really need right now is a big bulletin from the Byte team outlining their plans going forward. The last one we got was a month and a half ago.


We were never big on here so our engagement drop a bit but not much - we just post our normal once a day - I personally watch other bytes to get creative ideas for our videos - I know I got at least from 3 from @MikeFaria and some from snackteam Dennis dude


From my side, I’ve been feeling less motivated because the quarantine is running me down. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 2 months now, and even though I love him, it means I don’t have a lot of clothes, my lights, my normal locations, my equipment, and a lot more things I normally use to record. Also loosing touch with reality and what life feels like outside of the pandemic is… not great for creativity, I find.

On the other hand, I’m still waiting for that dislike button. The fact that it was announced and then never implemented has me feeling weird, like I’m constantly wondering if anything went wrong. Like Tom said, knowing what’s going on in the staff might help feel more in the known.


What, he wears your clothes on summin??

wait! wait! it was a joke… :sweat_smile: I’m sorry!

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I’m all for the dislike button tbh.

I post a wide variety of stuff. Stop motion, art time lapse, goofy edits. Knowing that something doesn’t click is more helpful than wondering if I’m posting at the wrong time, wrong channel etc.

At the same time, if I’m opening up myself for that :-1::face_vomiting: means id like to be able to get some more in depth analytics on an overall and post by post basis.

IG has some basic overall analysis, but to get any solid info, you have to use a third party app. Being able to get real insight about my posts in app, or even in a Separate byte creator App would be huge.


I’ve been very confused on lack of engagement over the past month. I hear from people that it’s due to not feeling as creative anymore because they feel down or whatever and I get that but I find it odd that engagement fell off so rapidly. I find it kinda hard to believe everyone suddenly got busy all at the same time.

I really wish I could reach out to everyone who has stopped using the app and just ask why?


It’s a negative feedback loop combined with too many distractions and too much stress.

Putting a lot of effort into something and getting low to no feedback when you previously got a ton is off putting to say the least.

IG is a great example for me. I still go over there to consume content. But as far as creating? I deleted my last two posts due to awful performance, and am strongly considering switching to a private profile.