Hands-Free Recording is a MUST!

V2 simply must have the ability to make a video hands-free, without having to press on the screen. That Vine 1 didn’t have this ability was a huge oversight. Instead we had to jump through some hoops using iPhone accessibility tools to accomplish hands-free recording, but it was very kludgey. It also makes it more difficult for individuals to make better videos, while those with large followings had other people doing all the video recording for them.

The Photo Booth app that comes with Apple computers is a good model. When you tap the record button, there is a countdown on the screen (flashing large numbers) before it starts recording so you can get into place. The ability to set the number of seconds for the countdown would be fantastic. Sometimes you can get into place faster than others.

PLEASE, @dom, add this to V2, thank you!


This feature comes in handy for those with no friends (ME)


I never made vines but i thought this function is like a basic thing… I definitely think it should have this function in v2!


so you record without your hands?

As you know, file uploads could also be done in Vine, but it doesn’t replace a hands-free function. Uploading requires a lot more effort: recording, editing, uploading. The app should have this option built-in so that you can set the phone down then start recording after a few seconds then post without having to be a video editor.

File uploads actually make me sad. Vine seemed much better before they added that option, but that’s just my opinion.

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I mean imagine being alone and maybe playin an instrument. A handsfree option would definitely help.


I definitely understand what you mean. Some people don’t have others to record them, so it would make so much sense to have a way of recording yourself without having any ‘helpers’

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I get it but I dont know how it works.

Not sure what you mean by that…

I know what you mean! I remember discussing in another thread how much I enjoyed the raw content. Let’s hope this is a thing.

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Did you make videos on the old Vine? You had to hold your finger down on the screen the entire time to record. Sort of a selfie video.

A better way: set up your phone on a tripod, set a timer, tap on Record, then run to your location. When the phone beeps or flashes or whatever it will do to let you know the recording has started, you start making your video until you run out of time. Then you can trim the video if needed (as you could do in Vine) before posting.

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Yes, definitely! Uploading kind of removes the spontaneity that early Vine had. Everyone working with the same limitations and features meant that it was an even playing field. If you want to make really slick, produced, edited videos, then go to YouTube, in my opinion.

really like this suggested feature - it would be nice for it to be able to turn of an on as an option as well! I recall having to guess and end up rushing a song to try and get a perfect loop. :grin:

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This is a necessary requirement it’ll keep users on

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I definitely think that was one struggle I remember having back when I used vine. I think having a 3second 5second and 10second timer option before beginning filming the video for you (within the app itself) would be awesome!


absolutely!!! this is a must, and removes that pesky need for third party apps more…


Definately. Like I posted in a previous post…

We are putting all of the top Social Media companies together!

It’s gonna look great. Musically, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram - everything put together into one powerful app!

Yes please!!!

What if we could choose in a settings tab if we wanted to Record hands-free or not?

YES! With a timer too. I’m already having ideas about what I could do for videos after watching vine compilations, and that feature would be sooo helpful.