Handling Criticism

Take it upon yourself to figure out your own flaws when no one else is looking out for you… what creators on other platforms do you strive to reach? Do you feel as though you could rival them?

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Actually no. No one is the problem. People can make dumb content. The problem is being critical of others when they are presenting content their own way. No one is critical of a tree. Trees grow anyway they fucking like. We grow and present ourselves in individual ways. Being critical of others when they havnt asked for your opinion is basically saying “I dont like this tree, it’s in my way”. this app is not America’s got talent . It’s not the voice. It’s not a competitive platform. And… sometimes after 100 shitty dumb vids there’s a diamond that everyone loves… People are allowed to polish their turds and hope to make a diamond one day. That is the basic foundation for creativity and being a social platform it should be encouraged to try. And try and try again. We all fail. We all want to succeed and improve. There is not a content issue. Yelling at a baby when it cries is the stupidest outlook, a baby isn’t wrong to cry. No. You nurture the damn baby. There is no wrong content in a non competitive social media platform as long as people are trying. Critique people that ask for it… anyone can critique me. Bring it, I don’t care. Roast me anytime. But saying there’s a general content problem… No. No there is no content problem, people can make vids any way they like and fail as much as they like. The problem was never content quality. It was not enough viral clout opportunities. People didn’t leave because of shit content… they left because they didn’t get the attention they felt they deserved. Nothing was funny??? Hundo, there’s plenty of funny. Try looking harder, I see funny in every catagory. It’s just not always typical skit funny… funny is everywhere in this app.


Couldn’t have said it any better! This is :raised_hands:


That’s the thing- not all of us are looking to emulate/create things that don’t necessarily have a massive base. Like, nature photographers and documentary style filming are what I look into, but they’re not necessarily known for their social media prowess. There’s also some spoken word youTubers etc I really dig but I don’t necessarily want their style.

I, honestly, figure my comedy doesn’t do particularly well because people don’t understand my humour for the most part- I don’t mean that in a snooty, “oh I’m an intellectual you plebs don’t get it” kind of way, I mean it in a “that chick is weird, what the hell was that” kind of way. My largest comedic influences are like, 80’s and 90’s British comedy shows, vine, and comic books. I’m also aware my editing and audio abilities are off. Now, to improve that will take buckling down and working on things, but that takes time, and I’m not going not create until things are perfect.

I know I have blind spots for some of my faults, but until somebody else “captures” them for me, I’m not going to be able to clearly see them outside of “something is off” and I think a lot of us are like that.


Yeah I agree that people shouldn’t feel like they are awaiting critique of every video they make. Make whatever you want. What we need is more people because more people = more diamonds. But we won’t get those people by becoming an app that competes over who is better and criticizes people who don’t ask for it. If you like a video, like it. If you dont, don’t. If someone asks for critique, critique. If they don’t, dont.


And as far as the criticism the app gets on the daily. I don’t really let it affect me most of the time. Especially when it’s the same thing over and over. I’m aware the app is still changing and updating and getting better. I hope more people will come. But that’s as much as I can do. Critique calling the app and content shit doesn’t inspire me to change what I make.


Exactly why we have a critiqueme channel on the forums. If you don’t want to be upset that someone doesn’t like your criticism, then simply don’t criticize if they don’t ask for it :man_shrugging: Simple as that. People will of course be mad if they criticize you when you didn’t ask for it in the first place.


Byrnes I love you. But you know very well there’s a way to go about it. And unfortunately the criticism you’re talking about is very arrogant, close minded, and actually rude. We’re not supposed to name drop so I’ll refrain myself from doing so… but certain individuals have brought it upon themselves to sort of call out the /funny creators on this app. I thought I was included. But I was told my “channel” isn’t the issue.
Again everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but these very broad and generalized statements are gonna get a certain type of reaction. And I don’t necessarily think that it’s being “sour” at all. In fact, I think it’s some creators standing up for Their content being trashed talked.
I do appreciate you doing it the appropriate way and making a thread about it vs making a byte that ISNT FUNNY and to me was TRASH lolz. But ya! Anyways, cheers to keeping byte alive! :innocent:


Sounds like there are two different, yet related, conversations going on here. The first is that it is possible that the the community needs to find a “hit” in programming. To do this, we have to step up our game, brainstorm, or offer something that can’t be found on the tik tok channel. That’s a fair criticism, and we can adjust. We can always step up our game, if one of our individual goals is to grow the community.

The other conversation is that there are a bunch of young choosing beggars being dismissive of people’s work - which is free I might add. As such, folks are annoyed. This is totally justified.

Let’s consider the dialectic: upping our game can solve issue 1, while considering the grievances of the choosing beggar crowd might provide a direction for that growth.

Having said that, our primary concern should be to stay true to our creative path and remain authentic in that endeavor, while growing as creators.


Very well put. The majority of people on this app
are aspiring content creators, with aspiring being the key word. Most ex-Viners turned YouTubers had subpar material when they started out. Over time they perfected their craft, were able to do this for a living to have more time to perfect that craft, and eventually made enough money to hire people to help out with the things they don’t do well. Every race begins at the blocks.


I will keep this very brief because I know everyone wants to say my name. A lot of you “creators” are just soft. That’s it. Y’all can’t handle criticism at all. In my video I didn’t directly call out any creator but y’all took it upon y’all selves to comment on my video and expose yourself (entirely y’all fault). Some of y’all even went so far and created the hashtag #trytomakehundolaugh (Which proved my whole point that the content on byte is trash). My whole problem was a lot of people are trying to hard to become famous and be funny (when they’re not at all) idc what people think of my content because I can handle criticism. Also, if we’re trying to bring more people on this app and all they see is terrible content they’re going to leave IMMEDIATELY :joy:. (Which is probably why this app hasn’t been promoted yet) I’m just being honest. Not everyones content is terrible tho I actually like a lot of people on this app.

loving the irony

Putting stuff online means you WILL get feedback and not all of it will be positive, doesn’t mean you should listen to all of it, and doesn’t mean you should listen to none of it.

there’s a lot to be said about taking a step back and thinking about what you make :slight_smile:


Nah man :slight_smile: I didn’t think you were talking to me! But I know it was bout my friends. And soft? Hmmm everyone know who we’re talking bout. I knew you’d come out of hiding like you rarely do. But you’re here now. What’s good?
You wanted to call it out so talk about it!

Also, don’t think that’s how the hashtag was working but we can go w that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Honestly I think most people on this app are not here to get famous and are not open to criticism. Most of the people I follow (and are funny) are here for fun. Including me. Also it’s hard to recieve the criticism of “the content is trash” from someone who’s content I’m not a fan of.


mane it do be gettin hostile :pensive: just tryna have a nice lil convo, respect is always a good thing to keep in mind :))