Handling Criticism

Why is it that every time someone comes onto the app and has something negative to say no one looks themselves in the mirror and says hey maybe I might be the problem?? This app is not trending in the right direction.

DOM said we have somewhat of a content issue

From speculation we have a audience retention rate that is incredibly low…

Stop being so sour about people giving an opinion about the app… take the criticism and move forward. Going to comments and bashing people… who the hell wants to come to an app when they see things like this happening?

Almost a million people said no and continue to say that… commenting negative things when people are just voicing an opinion shows your insecurities in your own content

Unless we change our perception and attitude of what we create and how we handle others… we as creators will destroy this APP and the “loving community”

Be more critical of your content…

Edit: This is a generalization


I mostly use this app to have fun that’s why most of my content is bad. Because I have fun, I dont try to be funny or do anything at all


PREACH :black_heart:


Immediately after Dom told us people leave because they aren’t finding good content people were saying they don’t think there’s a content issue on byte. Sure the algorithm has to get better, but if there’s not much high quality content then the algorithm can’t do too much.


used to be defensive couldn’t handling criticism, until one day, i looked into the mirror realized i found the problem. i agree with your statement, this needs to be acknowledged shouldn’t allow obstacles to distract you b/c of normal criticism. #visionforward :slightly_smiling_face:


I think sometimes it rubs people the wrong way when it comes from certain people. I usually try to brush it off, but some people are extremely hypocritical which is annoying. Also, there’s a difference between criticism and advice telling others to spread negativity in the community and police people’s content.


and if you can dish it out, you have to take it.


Exactly. There’s a lot of unwarranted and unasked for negative comments and that ticks people off so it makes sense for people to defend themselves lol I understand trying to not attack back, but some comments are not constructive criticism and they’re the ones in the wrong


Criticism is totally fine, and saying things aren’t your speed is also fine (there’s some more popular content on byte which I don’t vibe with).

Something criticism includes, however, is judgement of merits and faults. I think it’s fair that, if you tell somebody something isn’t funny to you, you say why.
For instance- your timing on this joke was off. I’ve heard this joke 100 times before and you didn’t bring anything new to it. I don’t understand this joke. The editing was distracting. The sound effect didn’t fit. These things in my book are criticism, and are fine. They can be adjusted to.
This was trash. You’re ugly. Your voice is gross. I don’t care. All these comments don’t really do anything, and if somebody posts content encouraging people to post on other content acting like that, they deserve to be called out on it. (Not bullied, to be clear, but critique of how you provide feedback is fine.)

There are plenty of people who are going. to make mean comments anyway, and if you’re a dick about how you give criticism, you’re likely just going to get discounted as a hater, rather than as somebody who’s genuinely trying to help.

Also, controversial opinion but- there should also be space for things that are bad to exist on this platform or any platform. There’s thousands of bad videos on youtube, thousands of bad pictures on instagram, thousands of bad tik toks- and that’s fine. People who are making things, even the best creator in the world, aren’t going to make good things 100% of the time, and there’s often a curve. People who make bad content, and put it out there, are generally also trying their hardest. They’re making things at their best level, and telling them how bad their stuff is without letting them know how to fix it, especially if it’s in a mocking manner, isn’t cool.

Also, straight up, some people don’t want to be critiqued. They just want to make what they make in peace, and think there should be a space for them.


Like, there’s some content on byte that, no matter how well it was done, I wouldn’t “get” it, so it wouldn’t be funny to me. For instance, I’ve never been a member of the armed forces- there’s plenty of service based humour which I wouldn’t connect with. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s just not for me. And that’s okay.
I’m also not a fan of modern country music. If somebody posted 16 second country style covers, I might not enjoy them, even if they were super good. That doesn’t mean I need to go to that byte and comment about how I didn’t enjoy it, or make a sub byte about how country music sucks.


I agree that we shouldn’t promote mean comments and that we should be promoting constructive criticism.
However, the original post is addressing the recipients of the criticism (creators), not the criticizers.


I mean i assume we’re all thinking about a specific piece of recent “criticism” rn


Oh I actually don’t know what this is referring to. I thought this post was all general.

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My point is also that there is very little constructive criticism provided.
I’ve seen plenty of “you suck” comments but very little actual criticism.

I’ve seen folks say things like “this app is trash”, “none of this stuff is funny”, “tiktok is better”, “I’m not laughing” but very little indication as to why.


yeah sorry if it’s confusing lol. I think most of us are referring to what hundo_grand recently said.


That’s true. It’s disappointing but not surprising. Good feedback takes more effort and most people won’t put in that effort.


I mean, even when people are thinking critically about their own work, as with a lot of things- there’s often some difficulty with pinpointing exactly what needs improvement.

Like when you write an essay. You can edit it yourself like ten times- then when you have somebody else go through, they’ll still find a lot of things to fix/that need improvement. Weakness are sometimes weaknesses because the person who has them doesn’t know how to fix them, or sometimes that they’re even there.

I hadn’t even seen these videos, but I would say I didn’t laugh at the large majority of Vine videos either. Short form comedy like this is more to keep people entertained inside themselves. Very rarely is something going to be funny enough to actually warrant an out loud laugh, and certainly not material done during quarantine where hilarity is limited. These videos are ridiculous and do not represent the nature of the community, but if he wants to shine himself in that light…:man_shrugging:


To be clear, this is not a hundo_grand specific thing- he’s not the first or last to raise concerns. There’s plenty of videos in latest, generally made by young kiddos, who say things like “this app is trash I’m going back to tiktok”. To a point, I don’t think those folks are going to be won over if the tiktok format fits them perfectly. Obviously, those videos from the people who hop on the app for a day and dip should just be scrolled past. Being mean won’t change their mind.

I think having a lighthearted hashtag or video where people try and make content catered to one specific person who has said they haven’t laughed at any content on the app is fine imo. A bit petty, but fine.

Going onto his videos and commenting, multiple times, over a period of days after he made the comment, that you think his content is trash, even if it’s what he suggested we do with content we don’t enjoy, is not fine. That’s when it becomes bullying and I’m not okay with that.

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This was just a generalization of how the community seems to handle criticism even when it’s in joke form.

The point of this thread is to address how the community should better handle criticism as harsh or vague as it may appear to be.

If the app is getting the same critique every time how can we be in denial of that?? We continue to flee this rather obvious problem blaming other factors.

Yes everyone has a place to post whatever they want but they are FULLY AWARE and thus do not engage when someone calls them not “Good”…