Halloween costumes and deep thoughts

So I’ve got the full on corona beard rocking, and was thinking about cosplay or potential Halloween costumes.

I’ve done Pirate King Archer before, and I think I pulled it off pretty well.

Then I started thinking about doing either Snake Plissken, or R.J. MacReady.

Even weirder thought? What if Ego the Living Planet was actually the Thing and based his look on R.J. MacReady?

Anyways, have you started thinking about Halloween costumes yet?


I start thinking about Halloween on Nov. 1st. It only intensifies during the summer to help me cope with the heat.

That is an AWESOME theory about Ego and I love it.

I’ve got a pretty decent headless horseman costume, but I don’t want to waste it if we have zero trick or treaters this year :disappointed:.

I also thought about Jack Black/School of Rock. My hair is growing back to its high school length. Might be able to pull it off.


If you do R.J. please rock that enormous floppy Yosemite Sam hat.



I love Halloween, so yes. It’s likely this year I won’t be able to do any costume contests unfortunately, due to the whole covid situation. I’ll go for something scary most likely, may bring out the stilts and try getting cool photos… If I could figure out a way to make it look accurate, I’d go as siren head.

With a beard for some reason I’m not thinking of anything except scary lumberjack. Not a particular character, but you could do it pretty easy.

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Do you think you will have Halloween over there this year with the pandemic ?
I saw your byte with the candy I guess there is some hope ?
I can’t imagine some kind of celebration happening in the US even if it will be a little unorthodox

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I think there will be some form of “social distance Trick or Treating” that someone will figure out, but already so many Halloween activities have been canceled. We were supposed to go to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, and Knott’s Scary Farm was just canceled yesterday. Will there be something? Sure, but it won’t be much.


I’m so sad for y’all
We usually come over for Halloween but obviously this year is out of the question.
I haven’t even planned costumes as I’m so disheartened bloody Rona

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I have my spiderman costume (SpiderNeef) that I bought in 2018 which has yet to be properly used in a Halloween setting, but with Ms Rona still circulating I’m probs gonna have to wait to use it till 2021


I’m thinking about revistiting a group costume with a couple of friends,