Had a dream about Dom’s announcement

It was such a good dream he announced the app and showed the theming and the colors and the name and it was so beautiful. He had the link on the forum so everyone had the beta ugh I can’t wait!!!
Anybody else have any crazy dreams recently?


ooo no crazy dreams but what did the theme and colors look like?? also the name? if you can remember

The color was like a peachy red and I was a bit shocked but it didn’t look half bad! And the theming had a lot to do with pencils like that was the main icon was like a pencil which I guess makes sense since we’re “artists” so to speak! And then the name is fuzzy to remember… something like “Revival” or something lmao. Or like Redeux or something about bringing things back. Is this just a dream or a premonition?? We shall hopefully soon find out…


hahahaha would be dope if u had an actual vision of the future

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wait “revival” is actually a really cool name, I like v2 but I also really like that, your subconscious is so creative!

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i had a dream that i was actually popular back in high school. that’s mad.


I think it would be cool if it was call redeux… but sounds like a cool dream.