Hackers On V2!?

@dom what will you guys do to stop hackers on V2 ? because i don’t wanna lose my acc :weary:

What are you talking about?? Hackers, really? I don’t think so…

I don’t think anyone on the forums has the capability to do that so…


I dont think there will be hackers …but who knows

There’s plentiful of people not only on this forum but will be using v2. We do not necessarily know their intentions.


That is true, I never really thought about it like that

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Most likely should add a two-factor feature and if someone does log into your account, it should be like Snapchat where it can immediately contact you what device, ip address and location and state that your account may have been compromised and you would have to confirm that it may or may not have been you. Maybe Gauth, alot of crypto exchanging and purchasing site use Gauth, if v2 really wanted to be safe, that could be an option.

Or if you are not high tech or really understand what I just said, never use the same password, use different ones, do not share your password/phone number with anyone- no matter if they deem trustworthy if you feel as if you need to share your phone numbers, use Google Voice.

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That’s a good idea, a two-factor authentication

A two factor feature would definitely be a good idea

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What??? I never hear someone talking about hackers on Vine, so we expect is gonna be the same thing on V2 :slight_smile:

They have a lot of security commands and very professional moderators, dont worry with that :wink:

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Two-Factor Verification is the way to go