H&M coming with the pure trash

i would love to hear (read) your thoughts on this.

my opinion? i’m so glad you asked!

lmfao, well right off the bat, i hate fast fashion. it’s a shite industry in so many ways (poor products, poor work environments, etc) and fast fashion brands are CONSTANTLY stealing from artists.

i stopped shopping at fast fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 years ago when i realized how repugnant they truly were.

this takes the cake though.

so much goes into grafitti and street art, more than people might realize. there are AMAZING artists here whether it be for their skill or message. Rather than pay artists for using their work, HM seriously filed a lawsuit stated that these artists should not be allowed to have any copyright claim to their work because it is “illegal”.

graffiti and street art has it’s place, in my (maybe biased) opinion. i’m not really going to get in that though lmfao

but overall, the fact that an abhorrent company like H&M that is CONSTANTLY stealing from smaller artists would even THINK about insinuating that any kind of art should be allowed to be used with payment or permission is repugnant.

what do you guys think?


I didn’t even know fast fashion was a term but it honestly is a very accurate label. The fast food of clothing. Where would you recommend buying clothes from instead? What are your go-to clothing shops?


that’s an interesting article, thanks for sharing. on the one hand, I completely agree with you about H&M in terms of their ethics as a corporation. on the other hand, I think graffiti artists put themselves in a vulnerable position when the art they create is on objects owned by others.

I found this: “Legally, the distinction between permanent graffiti and art is permission. Street art becomes vandalism when that permission to publicly paint is not granted.” from this article

according to the original article, REVOK did not actually have permission when he created his art. so, I think he made his point with a lawsuit against H&M – people are unlikely to think that he is at all affiliated with H&M. and, of course, H&M looks super hypocritical to call REVOK a vandal but to feature his artwork in a campaign that’s presumably presenting the H&M lifestyle or whatever. I’m not sure what REVOK’s actual legal rights are in this situation, though.

plus, do people pay graffiti artists every time they film or photograph a location with street art? I’m asking because I’m curious and I don’t know

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it is accurate for sure!

thrifting is a great and easy option! if there are no thrift stores near you, there are so many online thrift stores!

other than that, i shop at local boutiques or small online boutiques! some may be a little pricier than what you would find at fast fashion brands but you’re (ideally) paying for something more ethical!

instagram is a great place to find these little shops all depending on your style (:

there are clothing companies that brand themselves (ish) as fast fashion alternatives like everland but they are usually pricey compared to what you would find at fast fashion stores so i wouldn’t usually recommend jumping into that boat if you’re fresh off the fast fashion boat! (:

i can definitely understand that viewpoint but it also apart of graffiti and street art. it’s part of the “message”, if you will

most people not aware of the community know banksy. part of what makes banksy, banksy (aside from the messages conveyed in his street art) is the “loudness” of where it’s placed you know?

if they were to win this lawsuit so many great pieces that are loved and respected in the community they aren’t in, despite being technically illegal, would be up for grabs by companies who most likely already steal from artists illegally themselves

as far as REVOK’s rights, the laws are quite ambiguous so it’s hard to say what it actually is

and as far as payment goes, it’s not always because it really depends on the piece and the project but you’d typically want to get permission at least, if it’s a significant piece/writer

Graffiti is a form of art work most definitely, but it is illegal in most cases so I can see how H&M can use it against artists… is it fair, NO… but big corporations usually win, it’s sad.

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damn but i do like H&M some of the times…but now i really get thier deal and its just meh

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This is why I stick to online shopping - purely because I cannot be bothered to deal with petty crap like this. H&M are just one of the hundred companies that are trying to make a good name & reputation for themselves.

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beginning to slowly dislike H&M due to all the scandals and issues they’ve had so far in 2018.

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Does Aeropostale do the same? Cause I like their jackets & sweatpants

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Didn’t they file for bankruptcy a while ago?? I remember hearing most of their stores closed and they couldn’t last any longer


i hear you! and it sucks lmao

it’s ridiculous though and would set such a horrible precedent for artists if they won

graffiti isn’t something done with the (original) intention to profit but it is infuriating that a company like H&M would actually pull such a move lmfao

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i used to like H&M too! it was my go-to!

once i decided to stop buying fast fashion, i was scared i wouldn’t be able to find the same deals but the stores are out there!

300%! :clap::clap::clap:

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I feel like H&M have really been hitting the s—tter a lot recently so it’s no surprise that this is something they would do. I don’t dislike all fast fashion but I do agree there are many screwed things about the industry

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they really do suck haha

this isn’t the first time they’ve try to profit of other artists, they have years of history doing that and it’s so unfair

plus, they’re practices are unethical when it comes to the work environment which is sad. and fast fashion creates this environment where you constantly feel like you have to buy new clothes and that can make a person spend more vs shopping at a store that isn’t fast fashion but a little more expensive

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I don’t know anyhing about that, that’s why I asked

Nope (: Aeropostale is not fast fashion along with Abercrombie and whatnot!

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That’s good :slight_smile:

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i’m not sure if they filed for bankruptcy but i do know that they had to close a few stores!

let’s see what happens this year for them lmao