Guys HELP! (fortnite keeps crashing)

Like a week ago, i downloaded fortnite and it worked perfectly! Now, everytime i open it to launch it, it just keeps crashing! and then a gray box shows up. I’ve got windows 10 and i just want to play fortnite! Does anyone know what to do???


Do you mind giving me the specs for your pc/laptop?

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Yeh im not that smart when it comes to computer stuff…how do i find the specifications?
All i know is:

Windows 10 64-bit
2.5 ghz
uhm…i’ve installed nvidia GeForce GTX 660

Anything else you want to know???

Right off the bat, your computer should be able to handle it as you have a decent graphics card. So next thing check your drivers. Some may be out of date. Go to start then type in Device manager, if any are out of date then it should show a yellow triangle. If this doesn’t work then try reinstalling Fortnite

I’ve tried both but it still keeps crashing… thx for the help though :disappointed_relieved::kissing_heart:

Aw man sorry. The last thing I can think about though is your memory, it probably stopped working when your ram became full resulting in not enough memory to open the app. Hope you can get it to work!

how do i check my ram? …:wink::sweat_smile::smirk:

Press Alt+Ctrl+Del, then select Task Manager. Go to the performance tab and it should show you your memory usage (Ex. 3.4/8 gb)

ok thanks!!! :wink::rofl: