Gun control..?

Wht r ur thoughts on gun control. Considering all the stuff tht has been happening lately is it a gun problem or mental health

I’m originally from Australia and I don’t really have much information on the Americans, but after the Florida Shootings, I saw Donald Trump saying that if the teachers had guns, the problem would’ve been sorted.

Personally, this is rubbish. There needs to be gun control. Here in Australia, we haven’t had a school shooting since 1999 because we put in gun control, and I think America should do the same.

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In 2013-14 australias homocide were 38% stab wounds
24% beatings and 15% GUNSHOT WOUNDS even tho australia has a gun ban makes me think.
And also we have to take into account geography considering australia has no borders and a few points where goods could be brought into the country its easier to reduce smugling unlike the states where we have to borders where wepons can be smuggled from and i rather have regulated citizens with guns tht are registered rather then unregisterd wepons in the masses

We have strict gun controls here in Spain and we’re completely fine.
By strict I mean that you must have your fire arm disassembled and inside a special safe, and the National Police or Civil Guard can enter your house without any previous order and register it if you keep your weapons with you.
Or you can leave them in the local hq of the civil guard.

And here the security is left completely for the police and CG, that’s why we pay ‘em… right?

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But you also have Switzerland over there, with a firearm in every house, and you’ll never here of a shooting there…

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I consider myself to be quite conservative on most issues but gun control in the states is a huge problem. I 100% think that mental health is part of the problem. However taking away guns from a large amount of the population who are law abiding citizens doesn’t seem fair. In Australia we have a great gun laws, I’ve been shooting before and have enjoyed it but at some point we need to accept that there are mad men going to be born and if it means we sacrifice ‘leisure time’ to save 100s of lives then I’m more than willing to do that.

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Yea but unlike spain in the states we do have a police burtality problem in the states where alot of unarmed minorities r even killed by the police so if we take guns from everyone whts to say the problem dosnt get bigger not jus tht but also extream raceism to

I mean i agree if it saves live then so be it ill give them up but the point is if ppl want to kill they r gonna look at all those ppl tht were killed due to dumbasses driving into them a gun in tht situation could have saved many lives so i do think its a mental health problem and also a race one

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There are both valid points on both sides however most people can agree that more lives would be saved if guns were taken away. There are other factors that contribute but look at the rest of the world, most countries that have strict gun laws have less gun violence. Australia is a perfect example, there might be other stats that might show that we have a potential problem but there are next to 0 school shootings because of our law which is huge!

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I believe in liberal gun laws. Australia doesn’t have a constitutional guarantee for gun ownership, so our government can do whatever it wants, for better or worse. If I could make the rules, I’d have our gun laws similar to America’s.

If anyone believes that safety comes before freedom, they are tragically misguided. If push comes to shove, freedom should win over safety. But we can have most of both, so it’s not a polarized issue.

I have respect for those who believe differently than I do. No problem. But what I will not accept are these stupid ideas:

  1. Not owning a gun makes you a morally good and enlightened person

  2. The police will look after you if you are a target of a mass shooting

Mass shooters love gun free zones. That’s why every mosque, church, synagogue etc. should have armed staff.

We have liberal motor vehicle laws, albeit with regulation, and yet people are killed on our roads and, sadly, driveways. The answer to these problems is certainly not to take away the rights of law abiding people. If you are a drunk driver, the law will bend you over a table and fuck you up the arse, and rightly so. But don’t take away my car just because some arrogant drunk fucknut ran over a bunch of kids on a Friday night.

As for Parkland, consider what David Hogg said: he would not expect a deputy with a Glock to challenge a shooter with an AR-15. This is asinine by itself, but it gets more interesting. Consider what Emma Gonzales said after an unarmed man successfully stopped a shooter at a Waffle House: basically, she said that if an unarmed man can stop a shooter who is using a rifle similar to an AR-15, then teachers don’t need to be armed. Can you see how contradictory these statements are? People who advocate for gun control don’t know the facts and they will say whatever suits their cause.

I’d rather live in a country that’s invasion-proof than one that has fewer gun related incidents. Freedom isn’t free, but the problems that come with it are a small price to pay. An armed population is something to be feared, even by powerful militaries.

The people who are usually for gun control are effete soy-sipping elitists who think they are smarter than everybody else. They are so separated from reality, given the modern conveniences they enjoy, that they have absolutely no idea about the real world around them.

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Yes, wee need it. We need stronger background checks, ones that actually go over the person in full detail. Sane people can have guns, but we really need to limit who gets them. The power to take a life with the pull of a trigger is very powerful, and that needs to be restricted.


But anybody and everybody dose have the power to take a life regardless of owning a gun or not ppl drive dont they and as of recent alot of mass killings have been done by them no one has said ban cars . My point is crazy is crazy and i simply can not see a better deterent then guns

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Listen, it is infinetly harder to kill someone with your bare fist than a gun. Yes, people can still die (shocker) but it’s wayyyyyyy harder to murder someone without a gun

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Well i my point was mainly directed to the recent ppl who drive vans and run ppl over and (shocker) my point is ppl who wanna kill r gonna do their best to do so and in my opioin being armed is the best deterent

Please try to understand what I’m saying… 1. (Shocker) Gun assualts and much more common than “ppl who drives vans and run ppl over”? 2. The point of gun control is to restrict guns, so the killer can’t get the gun, leading to more even grounds. And if someone actually still tries to kill someone, it’s gonna be a lot fucking harder than with a gun, almost to the point where no one would risk murder due to the impossibily of successfully killing someone

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I seriously wished it would work like that but sadly it dosnt which is a real shocker isnt it

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Thats a foolish argument lol, making it harder for people to kill other people will save lives. Its simple as that, how many more schools need to be shot up before you guys realize that the world looks at America and laughs. No other first world country has that kind of violence.

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Oh really? Tell me why it wouldn’t work

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See, that’s the thing… Schools won’t be shot up if we add more gun control…

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Look at every other first world country, you can play around with stats can go into technicalities but look at how many mass shootings there are in countries like Australia. America needs to realize that guns aren’t toys and that when you make it accessible to every second person eventually messed up people (school shooters, terrorsists etc) are gonna get there hands on em…