Gun Byters welcome?

Bang, bang = bad. hahahaha… Thank you!


“Should we be promoting guns on this app, probably not, since there r YOUNG kids on the app!” - Maybe you are onto something there I am really not sure about this part at all.

Do any social media sites have gun sponsors at all? My friends have told me that social media is controlled by leaders that hate anything conservatives love… bibles, guns, and right to life rallies. It could give Byte an edge in getting more funding for the “tech” wish lists or creator funds. I am not sure that is why I asked.

I have to admit I trust the NRA more than I trust Tik Tok. The NRA just wants to sell guns and have more support for doing so but Tik Tok seems to want other things. The tie between the two? It is a place where @davidhogg and I agree we both do not trust Tik Tok. Do you know David Hogg?

“flashing a fake piece as a joke” : I have only seen a couple of Bytes like this and I have to admit they were a bit disturbing to me.

A lot of social media sites are run by people who’ve donated to conservative politicians, directly or indirectly, at some point- so…your friends aren’t right there.
Also, social media is just. Weird in general with stuff. Twitter wouldn’t ban the dude who told me he wanted to slit my throat until he felt bone, but had no issue blocking me for 24 hours for saying TERFs should be fired into the sun.
Tik Tok has a lovely habit of demonetizing/stifling gay content creators, and as a queer person, I have no love for them. I also make my own decisions based on the facts, not what any one other person is saying or doing.
The NRA also does lots of shady stuff, and their goal at this point seems to be to sell the most guns to the most folks, consequences because damned.


“promote a political agenda… Division is politics’s best friend…” : I think this is true. Creatives here only seem to want to push the “profanity is ok” agenda or sexuality stuff but it is surprisingly rare. I really appreciate your view on this.

i can see third but when i see them in movies and real life i start having a panic attack

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Profanity doesn’t cause anybody physical pain or harm. It doesn’t isolate anybody.

Somebody’s sexuality is a base part of who they are, like their hair colour or their eye colour. Just like how a little boy can have an innocent, harmless crush on a little girl, so can people who like the same gender, at young ages. It’s not an agenda, but a fact of life which isn’t harming anybody.

Guns are a different issue because they’re a tool separate to somebody’s body. A tool whose purpose is to kill or injure something. Now, they’ve expanded and can be used for different reasons, but they’re not something we’re born with.


I also just wanna put this out there for everyone too, since gun control is an iffy subject, but it is also against forums TOS to talk about who can or cannot be “invited” to byte. The answer is that nobody is “invited” because everyone is. Theres limits on what can be posted but that’s listed in the TOS.

All of these are great points, I just dont want this to be misconstrued by saying that gun owners arent invited or arent allowed (which is what this thread is titled and asking about.) If you guys wanna talk about gun control politically, theres lots of threads that specific point is debating!


Creativity first is supposed to be the whole goal!

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I was asking more about general not specifically should I invite this person. The idea of gun people and not specific gun people. Thank you for highlighting that point to me.

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I’m guessing yea. I mean there’s an entire outdoortv network, forged in fire, tons of shooting shows. So there’s a market to network it. And I have lots of friends w sponsors for social media in hunting, shooting, riding, racing. And ACADEMY sports and outdoors sponsors LOTS of sporting events and works w ESPN I believe and they sell guns!


Wow, thank you. You went all out in giving me that answer. Sincerely thank you!

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Yeah, didn’t we have gun v*ners too? It would be cool to see some people shooting targets and stuff.

However, trophy hunting would be a definite no-no. :no_entry_sign:

Also trauma?


I have some strong views on this topic. I am not in the pro camp. That said, I am in the camp of leaving people alone as long as they are not harming/threatening to harm anyone. But I do think content like this would need to be age restricted or have some type of opt-in content warning/ feature or be completely restricted to a separate category. I mostly worry about it having a negative mental health impact on those who genuinely suffer from PTSD.

Nothing is all bad or all good, but I’ve never gotten a good vibe from a gun. It may just be target shooting, self defense ect, but the fact remains they are weapons manufactured to kill and it’s just not what I’m looking for. Skits and movies are different than the reality of large gun collections and target practice for just in case you have to kill someone.

I think gun safety facts and PSAs have a place everywhere. I also like vintage weapon restorations. So much fun and so much skill. Blacksmithing too!


Don’t participate in reckless stunts or challenges or encourage others to participate in dangerous activities that could lead to harm.

thats from the section "Cruelty, violence, and hate have no place here."


“Don’t participate in reckless stunts or challenges or encourage others to participate in dangerous activities that could lead to harm.” - :+1: :+1: :+1:



I don’t mind guns being used as props. Not a huge fan of guns pointed at the camera though, it’s an aggressive visual and can be pretty jarring

Trick shots? Marksmanship? Cool I guess. I kinda cringe at videos depicting violence, especially with weapons of any kind and intent to harm.

I think guns in Bytes should be FINE but context def matters


Let them come. If it’s legal why not? I see people smoking weed all the time and that’s controversial. Just as long as the guns aren’t harming anyone or anything I’d say why not?


I think as a prop it’s okay. So probably similar to Jeridiculous’ view

One of my favourite Bytes:

@idk_annaa also does one where she’s like threatening her dog as a joke, I thought it was funny too, but the gun was quite clearly a toy.