Gun Byters welcome?

I used to really hate gun owners until I got to know more of them personally. I used to take issue with people who owned tons of assault rifles especially.

I have tons of friends on Twitter that I think would love making Bytes about shooting their guns. What are your thoughts on having 500 Byters making gun shooting Bytes?

I have 6,000 male - conservative men that are NRA fans and many own guns.

What would you think about having a bunch of people like that on Byte?

Would you be thrilled about the idea of potentially doing collabs with people who owned tons of guns etc?


i wouldn’t probably cause i’m a child. plus i’m 6000 is a lot


I would feel very uncomfortable, tbh. Gun control is a very heavy topic of discussion, I don’t think it fits well with the “Being creative and having fun” mood that the app is trying to encourage


Sorry but I’m gonna say no to guns (in my opinion)


Anything that goes bang bang is bad :pleading_face:


It depends on the context. r we explaining gun safety / hunting safety? are we acting like TT w Mafia killers?

I grew up w hunters and competitive shooters (like marksmen, clay, they had competitions) Guns were always in my life but at the end of the day - it’s about the person carrying the gun.

I am not a fan of guns, even though I have used them (handgun, rifle, shotgun) and compound bows. I think it’s important for EVERYONE to know the safety aspects of owning and operating a gun!

Should we be promoting guns on this app, probably not, since there r YOUNG kids on the app!


I have no issue with gun owners. The NRA bit makes me uncomfortable as they’ve shown themselves to be a pretty terrible organization again and again.
That being said, I don’t mind target shooting/skill videos.


Theres nothing against weapons in and of themselves in bytes TOS. Certainly nobody is going to be banned from joining because they own or like guns (or are conservative / NRA people / whateves). Bytes not a club, it’s a community.

That being said, violence isnt accepted. So shooting live things in hunting videos or something like that would probably be frowned on.

But overall, the more the merrier! If it’s just guns going pow pow, look at that cool target. Or watch me shoot this can, I’m all for it. It can be cool watching people be talented (and safe) with their weapons. The whole point is that there is creative content anyone can make, and a lot of people like and use guns. If anyone in particular dislikes guns for a personal or political reason, they can chose to see the content that they do like by not following gun related content.

(And in my opinion, I have seen some REALLLLYY funny videos involving guns, from someone flashing a fake piece as a joke to something funny happening on a shooting range.)

Tl;dr why not! Just make sure they read the TOS on what can and cannot be posted.


Personally, I don’t have a problem with guns. Like @LeaElizabeth said, some people (me included) have made some funny stuff with guns, so in that regard it should be fine.

However, if they want to promote a political agenda with their guns, then ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY HECK NO. Division is politics’s best friend, and this community is so closely knit together that it would be devastating if something like politics were to drive it apart.


Have you stayed away from looking at toy guns too? Have you ever seen video games of guns killing people?

It is a heavy topic that is why I asked. It is one thing if there were 5-10 Byters making Byte gun videos but another if there were literally 500. I was thinking they could get creative in what they shot at and the tricks they do with guns.

I am asking to get a general idea of how this could go over. Thank you for your feedback.

Bang, bang = bad. hahahaha… Thank you!


“Should we be promoting guns on this app, probably not, since there r YOUNG kids on the app!” - Maybe you are onto something there I am really not sure about this part at all.

Do any social media sites have gun sponsors at all? My friends have told me that social media is controlled by leaders that hate anything conservatives love… bibles, guns, and right to life rallies. It could give Byte an edge in getting more funding for the “tech” wish lists or creator funds. I am not sure that is why I asked.

I have to admit I trust the NRA more than I trust Tik Tok. The NRA just wants to sell guns and have more support for doing so but Tik Tok seems to want other things. The tie between the two? It is a place where @davidhogg and I agree we both do not trust Tik Tok. Do you know David Hogg?

“flashing a fake piece as a joke” : I have only seen a couple of Bytes like this and I have to admit they were a bit disturbing to me.

A lot of social media sites are run by people who’ve donated to conservative politicians, directly or indirectly, at some point- so…your friends aren’t right there.
Also, social media is just. Weird in general with stuff. Twitter wouldn’t ban the dude who told me he wanted to slit my throat until he felt bone, but had no issue blocking me for 24 hours for saying TERFs should be fired into the sun.
Tik Tok has a lovely habit of demonetizing/stifling gay content creators, and as a queer person, I have no love for them. I also make my own decisions based on the facts, not what any one other person is saying or doing.
The NRA also does lots of shady stuff, and their goal at this point seems to be to sell the most guns to the most folks, consequences because damned.


“promote a political agenda… Division is politics’s best friend…” : I think this is true. Creatives here only seem to want to push the “profanity is ok” agenda or sexuality stuff but it is surprisingly rare. I really appreciate your view on this.

i can see third but when i see them in movies and real life i start having a panic attack

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Profanity doesn’t cause anybody physical pain or harm. It doesn’t isolate anybody.

Somebody’s sexuality is a base part of who they are, like their hair colour or their eye colour. Just like how a little boy can have an innocent, harmless crush on a little girl, so can people who like the same gender, at young ages. It’s not an agenda, but a fact of life which isn’t harming anybody.

Guns are a different issue because they’re a tool separate to somebody’s body. A tool whose purpose is to kill or injure something. Now, they’ve expanded and can be used for different reasons, but they’re not something we’re born with.